APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. (WFLA) — An Arizona woman had to be rescued after her car was caught in rising floodwaters due to a monsoon.

Newly-released body camera footage from the Apache Junction Police Department shows first responders coming to the rescue of a woman trapped in an SUV who was searching for her lost dog.

The car was about halfway submerged in mud and water when police pulled her from the backseat. Sadly, her dog was never found.

According to a 12News report, at least four people were rescued from their cars on Thursday. Another woman said she had to abandon her home.

“I said I gotta go, I gotta go now, I have to get out now,” the woman said, telling 12News the water was nearly two feet deep. “I said, ‘goodbye sweet home, I gotta go. I give it to you, Jesus,'” she said.

Apache Junction police responded to 24 calls for flooding on Thursday alone.