DULUTH, Minn. (WFLA) — A video of a kayaker rescuing a 6-year-old boy found floating in a river has gone viral.

David Jones Jr. — known as DJOutdoors on Instagram, where the video was posted — was fishing from his kayak on the St. Louis River on July 5 when he heard the boy screaming. He paddled over to the boy and helped him grab onto the kayak.

Jones spoke calmly to the child, who was shivering in the frigid Minnesota water. According to the Duluth Police Department, the boy was swimming near his father’s sailboat when a gust of wind suddenly pushed the boat away. The boy was trying to find his way to shore, but the current was too strong.

Jones pulled the boy to a nearby dock and called 911. As they waited for help to arrive, nearby residents helped him out of his wetsuit and gave him towels to dry off.

The boy was checked out by EMTs and then reunited with his father. Duluth police said they are not investigating the incident.