TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Two Texas families are feeling grateful after a harmless chore almost cost them their lives.

Surveillance video captured the moment when a Houston-area resident cut into a natural gas tank he was trying to remove from his yard.

Antonio Medrano told NBC affiliate KPRC he had no idea the tank was filled with gas, or the consequences that would come from cutting into it.

“I could’ve died,” Medrano said.

Sparks ignited the flammable gas, sending the tank soaring almost 1,000 feet into the air before spectacularly crashing through the roof of his neighbor’s home.

The violent blast catapulted Medrano into the air, causing only minor injuries.

“Much like a balloon on a much larger scale, the cylinder was able to take off from the pressure that was escaping from it, and the pressure was so powerful it resulted from damage to the home that looks very similar to an explosion,” Harris County Chief Investigator Mitchell Weston said.

Jose Ortiz, Medrano’s neighbor, said he feels lucky to be alive after the tank crashed through his mobile home.

Ortiz lives in the home with his wife and five children. Thankfully, no one was inside.

As for now, both families have to figure out where they’re going to live.