CINCINNATI, Ohio (WLWT/CNN) – A video shows a manager of a McDonald’s throw a blender at a customer after she complained about her food order.

The incident happened last month at a McDonald’s in Colerain Township, Ohio and was captured on surveillance video.

Britany Price says made a quick stop at the drive-thru and ordered Happy Meals for her children, but the order was messed up.

A video shows her enter the restaurant with the order while her children were in the car and wait as other customers come and go. She even refilled drinks to kill time.

“I wasn’t the only one that got frustrated, you know, watching the video we see a lot of people that see me and her talking, trying to resolve the issue and they’re like, I’m not dealing with this, you know, they just left, they didn’t even place their order,” Price recalled.

After waiting for about 25 minutes, Price went to her car to grab the rest of the order and ask for a refund.

Then she started throwing multiple bags of food at the manager.

The manager then picked up a blender and threw it at Price, and it ricocheted off of her face, knocking her to the ground.

Price suffered a shattered cheekbone and a broken nose.

“I’ve had surgery. I’ve had a lot of doctor’s appointments, the follow-up. Hard mornings, hard afternoons,” she told WLWT.

No charges have been filed yet in the case.

McDonald’s released the following statement about the incident:

The safety of our customers and employees is of utmost importance to us. We are looking into this matter and will take the appropriate steps once our investigation is complete.”