MERRITT ISLAND, Fla. (WFLA) — Video of lightning striking the Artemis I launch towers at Kennedy Space Center on Saturday — just two days before the rocket’s historic launch — has gone viral.

NASA said the three lightning strikes were “likely of low magnitude” and engineers would check the system for damage that night. The agency said the three 600-foot towers are intended to protect the launch pad and draw electricity away from it.

“The wires run to the ground almost diagonally, steering the lightning current away from the rocket,” NASA said.

NASA’s Artemis moon mission will be the first integrated test of agencies deep space exploration systems, according to NASA’s website. Scientists are looking to show that the systems are ready to start safely sending astronauts to the moon and other locations in deep-space.

WFLA’s Amanda Holly will be at Kennedy Space Center on Monday morning for the scheduled launch and will provide live coverage on News Channel 8 Today and