PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (WFLA) — A video showing a girl walking an alligator wearing an “emotional support” vest through a Philadelphia park has gone viral.

Visitors to the city’s LOVE park were treated to a surprise on Friday: a girl walking an alligator on a leash through the fountain. According to the Philly Voice, the alligator is named Wally, and is an emotional support animal who was adopted in 2016 by reptile enthusiast Joie Henney.

The alligator turning heads even before the video went viral, the Voice said. Wally was leading the vote in the America’s Favorite Pet online contest. He even has his own Facebook page, where he shows off his outfits and hugging skills.

Philadelphia residents also posted photos and videos to social media showing themselves holding and cuddling the alligator.

Keeping an alligator as a pet is legal in Pennsylvania, although strongly discouraged by wildlife experts.