MIAMI (WFLA) — Heavy flooding continued to hit Miami as Potential Tropical Cyclone One approached Florida over Friday night and into Sunday morning.

Miami Fire Rescue posted video online showing vehicles partially submerged on the city’s streets. According to the department, multiple highwater vehicles were sent out to help civilians trapped in their vehicles by the floodwaters.

As such, residents were warned to stay off the streets.

“Please avoid areas already flooded and NEVER drive through flooded roadways,” Miami Fire Rescue wrote on Twitter.

South Florida was predicted to get six to 10 inches of rain during Potential Tropical Cyclone One, according to the National Hurricane Center. This could possibly lead to flash and urban flooding in the region as well as potential tornadoes.

Friday, rain conditions were bad enough to obscure visibility on major roadways, as seen in a video taken near the Broward-Dade County line.