HOUSTON, TX (WFLA) – A Houston family is warning of the unseen dangers of Harvey after their son was electrocuted on Tuesday while walking in floodwater.

According to his family, Andrew Pasek, 25, went to his sister’s flooded neighborhood to check on her house and her cat.

He was outside of the home, wading in knee-deep water and got too close to a submerged electrical wire that was still hot, according to local affiliate KPRC.

“All of the electricity was still on in the neighborhood. And I don’t think he knew. I don’t think anybody knew. There was people evacuating and it could have been anybody. But he, like I said was just the unlucky one. His friend tried to save him but he knew it was too dangerous so he pushed him away,” said his sister Alyssa Pasek.

“Sean reached for him to try and pull him and Andrew said ‘No, I’m dying. And you will die too.’ And he just fell over in the water,” his mother Jodell Pasek told WFAA. “They couldn’t get him out. Nobody could touch him. Nobody could resuscitate him. Nobody could help him and they had to leave him there in the water for over an hour until Centerpoint came and finally turned off the electricity to the subdivision.”

Pasek’s body was recovered later that day and taken to the medical examiner’s office.

The family wants others affected by Harvey to be aware where they are stepping when they wander into floodwaters.STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-