ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Flip, the Golden Retriever, is on patrol checking out what might be just beneath the surface in the waters off Bear Point in Orange Beach, Ala.

“Come Flip, here girl,” Sage Taylor says Monday afternoon the unexpected happened. “I was laying out and Flip was playing in the water and I saw what I thought was a giant whale, actually kind of got scared and I went back up to the house and I saw it was about eight to 10 manatees.”

Flip saw them too and it didn’t take long before, “we were standing right there looking over because she loves to watch fish and everything and she was like, ‘Yeah I’m going to.’ I don’t think she knew the size of them and she went in there and it happened.”

As Flip is paddling around the massive manatees, all of a sudden an eruption in the water as the adults splashed the warning, an intruder was close by. “In the video, there is about 3 seconds where she disappeared and my heart dropped and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ and then I saw her and I was like get out of the water!”

Flip did and for a while there the water didn’t seem so inviting anymore. “Yesterday after it happened she wouldn’t even shake off. She was so scared she just went running back to the house,” says Taylor.

Flip back on dry land, Credit: Sage Taylor

Flip is none the worse for wear. The water around her home is quiet again, she is back doing what she loves and maybe hoping to see her new friends one more time, “Maybe, probably,” says Taylor, and then she thinks again, “No, she is probably scared actually.”

Even with all the commotion, the manatees hung around for another two hours according to Taylor.