Video: Christopher Thornton via Storyful

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A bull sparked panic at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa after it escaped from its holding pen and started running rampant.

Storyful reports the scary scene unfolded during a bull riding performance at the fairgrounds on Saturday, Aug. 27.

Christopher Thornton recorded video of the incident showing the bull run toward the crowd into the stands. People can be heard screaming as they make a mad dash for the exit.

Thornton said the animal’s handlers had tried to line two bulls up at the gate when one pushed past the other, “bucked off one of the side panels of the gate, and was able to run loose.”

Someone eventually captured the animal with a lasso and it was brought back to its holding pen.

“This was my first time attending a rodeo and it won’t be my last,” Thornton said. “Hats off to that cowboy, his amazing horse, and his throw.”