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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Nonprofit “Mrbubblez” is continuing to provide hygiene products to those in need after the height of the pandemic.

Mrbuzzles provides individual shower units, personal hygiene items, towels and a set of clean clothing to those in need across the area, free of charge, but like most organizations, they’ve had to change gears during the pandemic.  

Marcia Hall is the founder and CEO of the organization, which was established in 2016.

She explained just how Mrbubblez came into existence. It happened when a young lady in need wandered in to the office of the outreach center where Hall helps those who are underserved.

“…all she wanted from us was to be able to take a shower, and that really gripped my heart, being a female as myself, not being able refresh my body on a daily basis, it was very troublesome to me,” Hall said. “And from that point on, I prayed to God to show me a way to serve the community with this simple, basic need.”

Throughout Hall’s 13 years working with the homeless community, she said she has found needs that differ from food and clothing.

“And showers was one of the items that constantly came up, transportation was another thing that the homeless [have] to look out for or try to put together,” she said.

The mobile unit gives the organization the ability to move throughout the Tampa area to provide services for those who need it.

Hall explained there is a partner in her nonprofit that owns the mobile shower units, but her organization maintains them and manages operations, including seeking out locations.

Throughout the pandemic, though Mrbubblez could not hold mobile shower events, the nonprofit was still active in providing hygiene items to the community who needed them.

They still wanted to “provide the cleanliness and refreshing of their bodies and so on,” Hall said.

Mrbubblez is providing what they are calling “HH bags,” or “Healthcare, Hygiene bags” during the pandemic to still be able to provide for those who need help.

The bags contain face masks, hand sanitzer and basic hygiene products.

Donations are needed, especially when it comes to transportation. They are searching for a new van for their efforts and with a new van, comes the ability to venture out further to serve more.

“We have to load this up and carry it out every time we go out. And right now we’re doing a campaign for ‘Van of Hope,'” Hall said.

Those unable to assist with a van can help with hygiene products for the “HH bag” kits.

Travel-size tooth paste, tooth brushes, bath soap, bath wash and shampoo are needed, as are new underwear and socks, as well as new or slightly-used clothing for men and women.  

“My mother always told us, no matter what we had, the little we had, or the more we had, that we [should] give to others, because there’s always someone that’s less fortunate that you are,” Hall said, explaining giving to others could mean even just compassion or dignity.

Hall said there is more to be done and goals, outside of the van, are to serve the underserved areas in Tampa Bay, especially those outside of Hillsborough County, as well as building a brick-and-mortar location.