TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s head coach Todd Bowles held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the teams loss to the Steelers as they look ahead to Sundays game against the Panthers.

At the start of the press conference, Bowles hammered in that miscommunication and penalties played a big factor for Sundays loss against the Steelers.

“Nobody played good enough last week against Pittsburgh. Anytime you get a penalty and a blown assignment on the first drive, you don’t come back and play well,” said Bowles.

He added that it’s still early in the season and the team is still working out their kinks.

Penalties were an obvious set back for the Buccaneer’s and made it hard for them to comeback and defeat the Steelers. Bowles stated that many of the penalties and mistakes were due to miscommunication.

When asked about the penalty for having 12 men on the field, Bowles responded and said it was a “miscommunication and we’ll correct that during the week.”

Last season, the Bucs finished No. 1 in the league for explosive plays, but so far this season those plays haven’t been executed. Bowles said that it wasn’t so much about getting the explosive plays, but more so sustaining drives.

“We may have to change some things up here and there. Sometimes it’s the offensive line, sometimes it’s the route progression, sometimes it’s the quarterback, but we’re changing some things around and we’ll adjust to it.,” said Bowles.

“It’s not about the explosive plays. It’s about sustaining drives. You want the explosive plays, but you also want the longevity of the drive and then finish it off at the end,” he continued.

Although it’s still early in the season, the 3-3 Bucs aren’t the same team from years past and Bowles is aware of that.

“Obviously we have different players than last year and we have to approach things a little differently and find out what works best for us this year, not last year and two years ago. Lineups completely different, Gronk’s gone, AB’s gone, Marpet’s gone, Ryan’s down. We got different people to adjust to different things,” said Bowles.

He added that you can’t compare and say, “we’re gonna do what we did last year, this year when the guys are different.”

After falling to the Steelers 20-18, Tampa Bay will continue on the road to North Carolina to face the Panthers (1-4) at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday.