PLANT CITY, Fla. (WLFA) – The Tampa Bay Vipers practiced under a cloudy sky in Plant City on Wednesday. I should have predicted the ominous weather would result in a series of interviews filled with questions the team did not fully answer.

“There is a little bit of a buzz on Q,” head coach Marc Trestman said. “Q has left for personal reasons and I look forward to him coming back as soon as possible. We wish him well in terms of what he has to get accomplished but, as I told the team today, we want him back as soon as we can get him back but we are going to leave that up to him.”

Vipers quarterback – and former star quarterback at the University of South Florida – Quinton Flowers did not practice with the team on Wednesday.

“It is day-to-day with Q,” said Trestman, “and we are going to respect that here and we will be in contact with him and hope that he will be back soon.”

Trestman responded to a direct question asking if Flowers is absent due to a disagreement related to the team.

“I am going to stand by what I said and respect Q and the person that he is and the teammate that he is. I am going to leave it at that,” said Trestman.

He was also asked if he is preparing for the next game as if Flowers will not be there.

“I am not going to say that. I am going to say it is day-to-day and I hope he resolves issues that will allow him to come back.”

“We want Quinton here,” said Aaron Murray, who started the first game of the season under center for the Tampa Bay Vipers.

“Football is simple,” said Murray. “You get the best players out there and you get the ball in their hand one way or another and see what they can do so we definitely miss Q in the locker room, in the meetings, out there on the field. I do not know what the future is going to hold. We will figure it out and see what he decides to do but, definitely, everyone here, if he decides to come back tomorrow, today, next week, I think all arms will be open and excited to have him back on this football team.”