TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) —This is not the first time head coach Alex Golesh has faced Nick Saban and Alabama. The former Tennessee offensive coordinator upset the Crimson Tide last season.

“You have to be able to stop the run in the winter and you have to be able to win with it upfront that is the difference in the game. It gives us confidence that our coach is the one who beat him, so really just taking it each game, and each opponent as we face them,” said USF left tackle Donovan Jennings. 

Alabama is coming off a loss to new SEC opponent Texas who held their defense to a 10 % pressure rating, the lowest since 2016 for the tide. 

“3 1/2 hours one-on-one and Waack heads, that’s what it is you have to scheme the right way you have to execute the right way, and we have to protect the quarterback and tackle in space like it’s no different no matter who you’re playing,” said Golesh. 

This game is going to live up the hype. 

“There’s already 60,000 people, maybe 10,000 students, maybe double that,” said one player.

“We’re not getting too high, we’re not getting too low, definitely just staying even keel and being able to respect your opponent. I realize what they do and where they come from but never get too big for the moment and never let it overcome you in the moment he lets it overcome you,” said Jennings. 

The main message from Golesh is that the Bulls success on Saturday comes from their preparation this week.