UPDATE: Frank has been found! The man behind the cardboard cutout revealed himself Tuesday.

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The owner of a Tampa Bay brewery is on the hunt for a Chiefs fan who he met while at Super Bowl LV. The problem is that the fan is a cardboard cutout. With no real name, LJ Govoni is having a tough time locating the unique fan.  

‘Frank’, as Govoni calls the cutout, dons a Chiefs jersey and a white hat. That’s all we really know about him. 

“I named him ‘Frank’. As soon as I saw ‘Frank’, I said ‘His name is ‘Frank,’’ Govoni told 8 On Your Side, “I think he’s a middle school math teacher. I feel pretty strongly about that.” 

The Big Storm Brewing company co-owner is confident about his prediction. 

“100%, that’s 100% what I’m sticking to.” He said. 

The Bucs fan shared a beer, chicken tenders, and all of the emotions that came along with this historic game with ‘Frank.’ 

Govoni tweeted all about it. 

“‘Frank’ buddy…. this second half is gonna be intense,” he tweeted at one point. 

 With those tweets, he’s trying to get the attention of the NFL, the Bucs, and the Chiefs. 

“I want to find this guy,” said Govoni, “I don’t know much about going viral so I’m just trying to get people to retweet my photos.” 

Govoni tells 8 On Your Side that he has a pretty sweet offer for ‘Frank.’ 

 “I want to fly ‘Frank’ down here, I want to put him up with a guest on the beach, show him around Tampa Bay,” he said.  

Why this show of hospitality? Govoni says it’s been a tough year for us all due to COVID-19 as well political and social divisiveness. Sports, he says, is a way to unite eve after the games is over.  

 “I look at this and say if two people from opposing teams come together after the super bowl to experience something like this together,” said Govoni, “maybe we can do our little part in showing people the world goes un, the sun rises tomorrow and we can all be friends right.”  

He’s counting on all of us to find ‘Frank’ and get him to sunny Florida.   

“’Frank,’ if you see this, I’m dead serious. Let’s get you down here. We’ve got some cold beer, beaches are nice, we got some wings, some Tampa style cubans to eat. Let’s go, buddy, come on.”  

And, we all want to know, ‘Frank,’ what is your real name and are you indeed a math teacher like Govoni predicts?  

Regardless, we hope you both connect.