TAMPA (WFLA) — Play-by-play announcer Kevin Harlan is beloved for his off the cuff calls of random moments in sporting events that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the game itself.

Harlan delivered again during Super Bowl LV when a man in a pink leotard lead security on a chase across nearly the entire field.

“Someone has run on to the field. Some guy with a bra!” Harlan shouted. “He’s pulling down his pants, put up your pants my man! Pull up those pants!

The Bucs all but wrapped up their dominating victory vs. the Chiefs when the man took the field and charged toward the end zone.

“He’s being chased to the 30, he breaks a tackle from a security guard at the 20, down the middle to the 10, the 5, he slides at the one, and they converge on him at the goal line. Pull up your pants, take off the bra and BE A MAN!!!”

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