TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Before the puck dropped and the first goal was scored, fans made their presence felt outside of Amalie Arena.

From the “Big Boi” pregame concert to the postgame show, the energy was electric and fans were in good spirits all day long.

Thunder Alley was packed for hours with a massive party, hours before the game began.

Fans came out for a good time and a victory, and that’s exactly what they walked away with.

“I feel great,” Noah Logan said. “It’s the first game back and you can’t beat it. We wanted the cup last year and this is a new year to get it and we’re so ready for it.”

Even before game time, Lightning fans descended on Amalie Arena.

The Culkar family was confident and committed to the team since they’ve been season ticket holders for the last decade.

“It’s been filled with development, a little bit of angst, some championship runs, and then just pure excitement ever since,” Graham Culkar said. “We’re just cherishing the moments and hoping more come soon.”

The sea of the eye-catching blue jerseys flooded Thunder Alley hours in advance.

“I’m very excited to see us win another championship,” Karla Solis said.

By nightfall, the watch party was captivated by the game once the puck hit the ice.

“My Lightning energy is sky high,” Janie Palmeri said. “I’ve been waiting extra-long for this season to start. Our boys are rested and it’s going to be awesome.”

Everyone was in good spirits, beaming with brilliant smiles with high hopes for a winning season ahead.

“I bought tickets tonight to go to a game at the end of the month<” Kelsey Bauman said. “I’m going the 30th so I’m coming back at the end of the month and we’re ready.

The Lightning defeated the Nashville Predators 5-3.