TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Tampa Mayor Jane Castor congratulated the Lightning and spoke on the future of the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday.

Mayor Castor congratulated the team on behalf of the entire Tampa Bay area community. The team fell to the Colorado Avalanche in a 2-1 loss on Sunday.

“Our team fought through so many injuries and came from behind so many times in this series,” Mayor Castor said in a press conference.

The mayor is proud the Lightning “provided the community with joy.”

“What they’ve accomplished on the ice is simply amazing and what they’ve accomplished off the ice is simply amazing,” she said.

The mayor also congratulated the Avalanche, saying the Stanley Cup “probably needs some mountain air.”

As for the Tampa Bay Rays, Mayor Castor said plans are still in the works.

“Still working on getting the Tampa Bay Rays over here,” she said.

Mayor Castor said she and officials are working on the “particular location that will be the perfect spot for a year-round baseball season.”

“I think the two of us would just be happy just to insure that they stay here,” she said of St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch.