TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The minute you meet Vo Williams, you know something special is about to happen. There’s an energy in the air, a positivity.

The R&B singer has an uncanny knack for putting people at ease. They notice it instantly, that special “it” factor.

It comes easy to the Tampa Bay native, born and raised in Sarasota, now wildly successful as he performs all over the world, appearing in countless television shows, movies and videos.

“I am so grateful for what I have. I’ve worked hard to get here,” he told us Wednesday.

Despite the frantic pace of his career, he remains humble amid fame.

As he returned home to Tampa Bay this week to see his family, he talked about what it’s like to be back home, where he attended Booker High School.

As he talks about Tampa, how it’s grown and how great it is to see his family, his face lights up, visibly happy to be spending time with his mother in Wimauma during his Tampa Bay trip.

His heart, he says, is now full once again after being away more than two years.

Turns out, his trip home to Tampa is two-fold.

He’s also here to spend time with Lightning fans as they watch the Bolts at Amalie Arena during this playoff season.

“This is amazing, the energy, the crowds. What is does for Tampa is awesome. This team is doing so much for our community.”

So, why does his Tampa trip include time with Bolts fans?

He’s got a job to do. And’s a big one. Actually, you may have seen him at work already. His intensity and talent are hard to miss.

“This is overwhelming. Hard to download, hard to process. This is a dream come true for me,” he explained.

Chances are, if you’re attended a Lightning playoff game, you’ve seen him front and center. And, your arms may have been covered in goosebumps while your adrenaline surged.

His singing talents are showcased in a Bolts pre-game video. His high energy Bolts anthem revs up the crowd as they wait for puck drop.

The wildly popular, ‘Ready Set,’ is loved by game attendees, a fan favorite remains goosebump-worthy song heard during the playoffs.

“This is about energy, bringing the crowd together. There’s nothing like watching the Lightning during the playoffs. The arena energy is incredible. They’re our team, they’re champions.”

This project partnership between the singer and the Lightning is a perfect marriage of sorts. He loves the Lightning and the Bolts love him back, as they count on his endless energy and passion to entertain the crowd as they anxiously await game time.

The crowd went wild as his pre-game video began during Game Six, then he suddenly appeared in the arena singing the anthem live in front of an energized crowd.

“This is home. I’m so proud to do this. I’d tell our boys, you’ve got this. When we play at 100 percent the whole game, we’re unstoppable,” he told us.

His smile still beaming.