TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Despite it looking for a moment like the Stanley Cup was going to make a Lombardi-like flight on the Hillsborough River, the Tampa Bay Lightning decided to leave the trophy tossing to the Buccaneers.

The Lightning’s championship boat parade celebrating the team’s second consecutive Stanley Cup took place along the Hillsborough River on Monday.

At one point during the parade, it looked like the Lightning players might take a page out of quarterback Tom Brady’s book and lob the trophy between boats.

One Lightning player on a boat during Monday’s parade started heaving the Stanley Cup back and forth, making it look like he was about to throw it to another boat full of Bolts players, including Pat Maroon. But in the end, the two boats pulled closer together and the players ended up just safely handing off the trophy.

In a viral moment from this year’s Buccaneers Super Bowl championship boat parade, Brady tossed the Lombardi Trophy about 10 yards over the water of the Hillsborough River from his boat to another boat full of Bucs receivers.

While the Stanley Cup didn’t take a leap over the water, it did get a ride on a jet-ski for the second year in a row.