TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Nikita Kucherov had himself a day at the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Stanley Cup championship parade on Monday.

“Unreal! All the people right here – unreal. Love them all, let’s party hard,” Kucherov told WFLA’s Josh Benson during the boat parade. “Our time, baby. Back-to-back – that’s how we do it!”

Less than a week after his epic post-Game 5 news conference that earned him a partnership with Bud Light, Kucherov had a lot more to say about his Lightning teammates that just won their second consecutive championship.

“Unbelievable! Nobody can beat us! Back-to-back years,” Kucherov said. “It’s [an] unreal team, everybody would play hard.”

Kucherov also talked about how, unfortunately, not everyone will be back next year.

“I wish we could keep everybody, but that’s business,” he said. “But as of right now, let’s party hard, let’s enjoy it – we deserve it.”

When asked for his thoughts on the City of Tampa throwing a boat parade instead of a regular parade – Kuch thought that was “unreal” too.

“Unreal. Nobody else has done it before – look how many people [are] here, how many people on the boats. Just unreal,” he said.

Kuch ended the interview by pouring a beer on Josh while yelling “Champa Bay!”

“That’s how we do it, baby!” he said.