TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The National Hockey league (NHL) postponed a Tampa Bay Lightning game originally scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 18 against the Colorado Avalanche due to growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus.

The NHL said they are specifically concerned with the number of positive cases from the Florida Panthers, Colorado Avalanche and the Calgary Flames within the last two days, as well as the continued COVID-19 spread in the coming days.

The league said the Florida Panthers and Colorado Avalanche’s games will also be postponed at least through the scheduled completion of the League’s holiday break in the schedule on Dec. 26.

According to a press release from the NHL, the Flames, Avalanche, and Panthers have followed and will continue to follow all recommended guidelines to protect the health and safety of players, staff, and spectators.

A decision on when each team’s training facilities will reopen is said to be made by the NHL and the NHLPA in the coming days.