TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Taking home Lord Stanley’s Cup isn’t the only thing on the line when the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche take the ice Wednesday night.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock have a friendly bet as to who will come out on top in the 2022 Stanley Cup Final.

“Alright Mayor Hancock, the bet is on and our Tampa Bay Lightning are playing to win!” Mayor Castor said. “Lord Stanley wants to keep his tan and stay right here in Champa Bay! GO BOLTS!”

The winner gets an assortment of staple goods from the losing team’s city.

Mayor Castor offered up food from The Columbia Restaurant, some cigars from JC Newman Cigars and pastries from La Segunda Bakery.

Mayor Hancock is putting Colorado steaks and a case of Denver’s local craft beer on the line. The loser also of course has to wear the winning team’s jersey.

It started with some trash talk Mayor Castor sent to WFLA’s sister station KDVR.

“As you well know, our back-to-back Stanley Cup champs are in Denver this week for Games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup Final! Stammer, Kuch, Heddy…all our boys know that lord Stanley needs to keep his Florida tan.” Castor said in the video.

Mayor Hancock quickly responded telling Mayor Castor to put her money where her mouth is.

“So, I heard Mayor Jane Castor said it’s time for Lord Stanley to get his Tampa tan once again,” Mayor Hancock said in a video. “Well, we happen to believe that Lord Stanley belongs in the great state of Colorado, in the Mile High city of Denver, Colorado. We expect our Colorado Avs to bring home the Stanley Cup. And when they do, mayor Castor, I’m going to put on the line our great beer, our great steak, and I expect to see you in the Colorado Avs jersey. Go Avs!”

Thus the wager was born.

Game one starts at 8 p.m. in Denver Wednesday. The series comes to Tampa Bay for games three and four on Monday and Wednesday.