TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It was a pivotal game for the Bolts Friday night, and there was another watch party at Amalie Arena.

Some Bolts fans were a bit anxious ahead of game five, but not all. Not John Hurry.

“Tampa’s a hockey town, guys,” Hurry said. “Tampa is a hockey town.”

Born and raised in Tampa, Hurry has cheered on the Lightning for years and he attends just about every home game and watch party.

“It’s the environment I mean look around,” Hurry said.

Friday night was no different. He, like many fans, hoped for a win to keep the Bolts’ three-peat hopes alive.

And it’s not just the fans sitting around the ice. Tammie Tolbert has worked concessions at Amalie for three years, making sure people have something good to eat.

She describes the last several years as nothing short of exciting and the watch parties as electric.

“Oh, the energy has been real strong, real good,” Tolbert said. “Everybody wants this third one.”

Tolbert usually shows up hours before the game or watch party, hours before the fans file in. She’s gotten to know some of them through the years.

“I know quite a few of them,” Tolbert said. “If they move me around, around to different stands, or they come find me and say, ‘hey, how you doing?'”