TAMPA (WFLA) – A Tampa man and some of his friends were rooting for the Tampa Bay Lightning a little too loudly on Wednesday night and ended up getting a visit from law enforcement.

Deputies with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the home of 26-year-old Devon Garnett after neighbors reported someone screaming “shoot!”

“I wanted [Victor] Hedman to shoot the puck so I screamed, ‘shoot! Shoot!'” Garnett said.

When deputies got there, they told the friends they had received a call about a potential domestic dispute. The friends cleared it up, telling law enforcement it was all just a mix-up.

“We were just trying to scream for Steven Stamkos,” Garnett said. “Who would call the cops? Did they not know the Lightning were playing?”

Garnett says for future games he’ll clarify and say “shoot the puck” to avoid any problems.