TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Bolts fans sat on the edge of their seats the last four minutes of Game 3, hoping the Lightning could pull off their first win in the series against the New York Rangers.

“I thought we weren’t going to make it but we did. We pulled through, so now more games. Let’s do this,” Roxana Familia said.

It was 2-2 in the final period, and you couldn’t tell if people were hiding from the sun or the intensity of the game.

“Oh my gosh it was so intense,” April Tremble said. “I couldn’t even watch the third period. I was hiding behind my racket saying Lightning please win, Lightning please win.”

The Lightning weren’t seeing much luck in the series. They were down 0-2 as they headed into Game 3.

Justin Booth told 8 On Your Side he knew his team would pull through.

“Rangers been riding momentum the whole playoffs, but they’re not anything like we are. They beat Pittsburg who was injured. They beat a third-string goalie. They can’t beat us.”

Booth said this was a much-needed victory.

“Just a turning point for me. I mean going down two nothing in a series and then to come back and win a game like that is absolutely amazing.”

The Lightning are moving on to Game 4, on Tuesday. Fans are hoping they can keep up the momentum.