TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Within the first few minutes of the start of game 6, the Bolts scored as hundreds of fans cheered in Thunder Alley.

“This place is energetic, it’s honestly better than the arena in my opinion,” said Samuel Simmons, a Bolts fan.

They know there’s a lot riding on this elimination game.

“You can’t have a team without a good defense,” said Ethan Carruthers, Bolts fan.

Rooting for the Bolts and their favorite player Andrei Vasilevskiy.       

“He pulled through in game five he’s going to do it here come tonight,” said Carruthers.

Nothing can stop these fans from this do-or-die game.

“Even in the rain it doesn’t matter,” said April Trimble, Bolts fan.

While dark clouds and rain loomed over the arena,  the fans brought the thunder.

“It rained for game three and we won so I think it’s a good luck charm,” said Trimble.

The electricity is in the air and it’s been an intense ride to the cup this season.