The Packers stunned the Chiefs in Week 13, pulling off a victory in front of their home crowd—though it didn’t come without some controversy.

There were a slew of questionable decisions made by the game’s referees during the final few minutes of the fourth quarter, including an unnecessary roughness call against the Packers as well as a forward progress debacle, though none stood out more than a blatant missed pass interference call. 

On a deep pass from Patrick Mahomes during Kansas City’s final drive, Green Bay defensive back Carrington Valentine was draped all over the back of Marquez Valdes-Scantling, making plenty of contact with the wide receiver, but was not flagged for defensive pass interference. 

A few players later, on Kansas City’s last-second Hail Mary attempt, Travis Kelce was heavily interfered with, though that wasn’t flagged either. 

The football world was in disbelief over the no-calls, as well as the other missed calls during the fourth quarter from the officiating crew, and they made their voices heard on social media, ripping into the refs for their inadequate performance.