Jordan Love and the Packers limped through the first half of Sunday Night Football against the rival Lions, trailing 27–3 by the time the halftime whistle sounded.

Detroit was dominant on both ends of the ball during the primetime game, stifling Green Bay’s offense at virtually every opportunity.

Love, who was pressured nearly every time he dropped back, despite the Lions not even blitzing, had 50 passing yards heading into halftime. He was sacked four times and lost 36 yards, unable to get the ball out before the pass rush arrived. 

The rushing attack wasn’t much better, with Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon combining for seven yards on just five attempts.

Love and the Packers exited Lambeau Field to a chorus of boos at halftime, and fans on social media were equally critical of their performance. They had plenty to say about the team’s dismal display during the first half on Thursday night.