Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game of football and when he speaks people listen.

In a recent sit down with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, Brady called out today's NFL for "mediocre" play compared to when he was in the league.

Of course when the GOAT speaks people will also have their opinions on what was said and the same can be said for former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Alex Smith and current Dallas Cowboys' LB Micah Parsons.

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For Smith, he played in the league around the same time as Brady did and even suffered one of the most catastrophic leg injuries known in the history of the NFL. But, he disagrees with Brady citing the fact that Brady perhaps played in the most uncompetitive division in NFL history.

"My biggest complaint with this ... He played in the most uncompetitive division in NFL history. You come out of training camp, the biggest cupcake division, you got a ticket to the playoffs right away."

One could definitely make the case for Smith's comments. During the time that Brady played in New England with the Patriots, the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets were not at the top of their respective games - leading to Brady, Belichick, and owner Robert Kraft led the team to 17 AFC East titles during his 20-season stint.

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The same could also be said for Brady during his time in time in Tampa Bay as the Buccaneers played in what most considered the weakest division in football over the past couple of seasons.

On the other end of the spectrum, Cowboys' star linebacker Micah Parsons - who clearly plays in today's NFL - took the chance on his podcast show to agree with Brady.

"Without a doubt. 100% agree."

Parsons points towards the rules that have been allowed to the NFL's quarterbacks and how they go about their sliding, which has been cracked down on by the NFL in terms of protecting the position. He also points to the speed at which the game is played at and how it is hard to stop yourself in instances when you don't have time.

Parsons is equally right in this statement.

The NFL has gotten away from its past of hard-hitting, hard-nosed football and has decided to protect its players. This is a great thing don't get me wrong, but at the end of the day, it does take away from the aggressiveness that a defense is able to play at due to the thought that they could be penalized, kicked out of a game, and even fined if they make a play that is deemed unnecessary or illegal in the eyes of the referees or the league.

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Both can be right and the thought of the NFL being mediocre to what it used to be is something that can be portrayed and perceived differently from person to person.

As the NFL continues to progress to a more offensive manner, specifically the passing game and protecting the players, this conversation will only continue to garner more opinions.

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