Titans rookie Will Levis entered the NFL with a reputation for something other than football after the ex-Kentucky quarterback went viral in 2022 for discussing (and demonstrating) his bizarre “habit” of drinking mayo in his coffee.

Fast forward nearly a year later, and the second-round pick has found himself going viral, once more, for sharing another gross, food-related admission.

Levis, again, disgusted fans far and wide as he shared the punishment for his fantasy football league’s loser last season during a chat with NBC Sports fantasy football guru Matthew Berry. After sharing that he’s never come in last in his 12 years playing fantasy, the 23-year-old QB revealed the cringey last-place “prize”: eating an entire pack of uncooked hot dogs. … Cue the puke emoji.

“The last one was we had to make him eat a whole pack, I think a dozen, uncooked hotdogs. Go on, like Instagram Live and, like, eat them in front of everybody. We felt like that was a good one,” said Levis in a clip shared Thursday on social media.

As if the nasty punishment wasn’t enough, the bonus of having to do it in public surely added more painful detail to make fans cringe even further. But, in case you’re still wondering if the loser followed through, Levis reported that they, somehow, managed to avoid their fate.

“He didn’t man up and do it,” he said.

Between having two wild, food-related headlines to his name and sliding in the draft, it’s clear that Levis will enter his first NFL season with plenty of attention in one way or another outside of his battle for a spot on Tennessee’s depth chart.

Given that he is now in the NFL, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what Levis and his league cooks up this coming fantasy season, considering the first-year signal-caller may possibly contribute to his downfall should he end up as QB1 at some point in 2023.