TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Tampa Bay Rays have the third-lowest cost for beers and hot dogs, among the 30 teams in Major League Baseball. So for franks and brews, there’s no need to sweat over costs. It’s good news for the Rays, since they officially sold out their opener for the 16th year in a row.

For $5, you can drink an ice-cold beer at Tropicana Field. With the Rays opening game Friday, you can crack open a cold one to celebrate the return of baseball.

Taking the family out on game day is pretty reasonable; tickets cost around $30 on average for opening day, before fees. While the Rays have one of the lowest prices on beer at $5, the cheapest in the league belongs to the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field, where a beer is $3.

Prices for filling your craw on the field were put together by Cheapism, which listed out all of the beer and hot dog costs at each MLB stadium.

Ballpark Franks are a classic snack, too, and for Rays fans, those are also $5, making the cost of a drink and a snack for those 21 or older just $10.

The most expensive beer, by comparison, is in New York, with the Mets. A beer at Citi Field is $11.75, while a hot dog is $7. The most expensive hot dog can be bought and boiled is at Nationals Park in Washington D.C., where a dog is $7.25.

According to Webstaurant, who put together a separate ranking on some baseball snack facts, about “14.6 million beers are sold at major league stadiums every year.” They said it’s enough to fill almost two whole Olympic swimming pools. Going with the beer, about 22 million hot dogs are sold at the ballparks, according to Webstaurant. If all of those hot dogs were lined up end-to-end, the site said it would stretch from Boston to San Francisco.

Tampa Bay Rays$5$5
Baltimore Orioles$10$6.50
Boston Red Sox$8.50$6
New York Yankees$6$3
Toronto Blue Jays$7.50$6
Miami Marlins$5$3
(Source: Cheapism)

So for Rays fans, what’s the estimated cost for a family of four?

Counting tickets, beer and hot dogs, and assuming everyone is at least 21-years-old, you’re looking at about $176. That’s based on ticket price estimates were reported by SeatGeek at $34 per ticket and $10 for each person watching the game to get a hotdog and beer.

For fans who don’t want to miss a second of the game, they will be able to make mobile orders on the MLB Ballpark app to reduce wait times for their food.