ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – The future home of the Tampa Bay Rays has been hotly debated over the past year with many folks on both sides of the bay having differing opinions.

There are some fans across the state, however, who travel even farther than across the Howard Frankland Bridge.

Dylan Carkhuff and his family drove from Delray Beach, an 8-hour round trip. They traveled in a very festive vehicle, complete with “Tampa Bay Rays!” painted on the hood of the vehicle.

“Because we love our Rays!” Carkhuff explained.

He has made the trip to see the team three times now. Carkhuff said it’s a pain but it’s worth it, especially since Monday is his first Rays playoff game.

He’s not even originally from Florida and still supports the team.

“I was born in New York, so the Yankees are not – we don’t do the Yankees in New York anymore. So I’m a big supporter of the Rays,” he said.

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Carkhuff wouldn’t be bothered if the Rays make the jump across the bay when their lease at Tropicana Field is up in 2027.

“All the time. Doesn’t matter,” he said of traveling. “Four hours, five hours, three hours, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter.”