ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A full season is back on the Major League Baseball schedule.

The season will start a little later than expected after the first two series of the season were canceled during the league’s 99-day lockout. Wednesday, those two series were rescheduled by the league.

The Tampa Bay Rays’ season-opening series against the Boston Red Sox was rescheduled for the last days of the season on Oct. 3-5.

The series after, which was supposed to take place on Apr. 4-6 will be made up as doubleheaders on Jul. 2 and Sept. 13. The third game make-up game is set for daytime first pitch on Sep. 15.

MLB rescheduled 91 games league-wide. The last day of the regular season was also pushed back to Oct. 5.

The Rays open the season on Friday, Apr. 8 at home against the Baltimore Orioles.