TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA)  — The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) head north to Pittsburgh to face off against the Steelers (1-4) and rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett on Sunday.

The Associated Press reported that Tom Brady is 12-3 in his career against Pittsburgh, but this matchup is a little different considering it’ll be the first time Brady will play the Steelers without Ben Roethlisberger on the roster.

“They’re very good. They’re very sound, it’s a hard nose team. I’ve played the Steelers a lot, very physical style of ball,” Brady said during Thursday’s press conference. “They’re going to challenge us, they’re going to be sound, they’re going to be in the right position and they’re going to make us earn it,” he added.

On the other side of the field, Steelers rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett is focusing on playing against “an absolute legend” as he makes his second career start against the 22-year NFL veteran.

4th quarter

End of the fourth quarter: Steelers 20 – Buccaneers 18

0:07: Trubisky kneels at Tampa Bay 29 for -2 yards and that’ll end the game.

2:07: Trubisky goes to Winfield for another 9 yard gain and this Steelers team does not look like the Steelers team from a few weeks ago. Nearing the two-minute warning, odds aren’t looking good for Tampa Bay.

2:15: Trubisky passes deep left to Claypool and gains 26 yards before running out of bounds.

3:51: Low snap for Trubisky and he fumbles the ball, but it’s recovered at the PIT 20 for no gain. Bucs’ Dee Delaney almost recovered the fumble.

4:45: FINALLY!!! BUCS TOUCHDOWN Fournette scores the first and only TD for Tampa Bay so far today. Brady goes to Godwin for the two-point conversion attempt and it’s no good. Steelers’ Devin Bush blocked the attempt. Bucs trail 18-20.

5:40: Brady throws incomplete pass to Godwin for no gain. Steelers’ Pierre was injured during the play.

5:59: False start called on Bucs’ Otton.

9:23: Brady passes short middle to Godwin for 11 yards. Steelers’ Myles jack was injured during the play.

9:59: The former starter, now current back up QB Trubisky throws a short 6 yard TD pass to Chase Claypool to put the Steelers up by one possession. Steelers 20, Buccaneers 12.

10:58: Trubisky passes short middle Connor Heyward, the younger brother of Cam Heyward, for a 45 yard gain. Penalty is called for defensive too many men on the field – declined.

14:27: Steelers defense has another great play with a tackle on Bucs’ Fournette. Steelers’ Chris Wormley caused the Bucs to lose a yard.

15:00: Brady starts off the fourth quarter with a short pass to Cade Otton for 6 yards.

3rd quarter

End of the third quarter: Steelers 13 – Buccaneers 12

0:38: Steelers’ Pressley Harvin punts 30 yards and the Bucs get the ball back as we head into the fourth quarter.

2:07: Bucs’ Lavonte David sacks Trubisky for no gain.

2:19: Camarda punts 52 yards and Sims runs the ball back for 24 yards.

3:22: Buccaneers Cam Brate was injured during a play and was placed on a spine board and carted off the field. Brate just returned from concussion protocol.

4:14: Penalty called on Bucs’ Ko Kieft for offensive holding.

4:25: Big play by Bucs’ Carlton Davis as he breaks up a pass from Trubisky to Johnson.

7:24: Pickett passes deep right to Johnson for 27 yards. Penalty thrown on Steelers’ Dotson for offensive holding. Pickett was slow to get up and exits the game. Backup QB Mitch Trubisky is in for the Steelers. Pickett is headed to the locker room. He is being evaluated for a concussion and has been listed as questionable .

7:26: Penalty on Pierre again – this time for neutral zone infraction. Bucs’ forced to kick another FG and it’s good from 24 yards. Steelers up 13-12 with 7:24 remaining on the clock.

7:37: Brady throws an incomplete pass to Russell Gage. Brady has attempted to make a touchdown pass multiple times, but has been unable to get it done so far this quarter.

8:29: Brady throws an incomplete pass to Mike Evans. Looks like there was some miscommunication with the play calling. Penalty thrown on Steelers’ James Pierre for defensive holding.

9:36: Penalty thrown on Bucs’ Brandon Walton for a false start. Walton was reported as eligible.

10:00: Fournetter runs for 2 yards. Steelers’ Larry Ogunjobi was injured during the play.

10:59: Fournette goes up the middle for 2 yards and a penalty is thrown on Steelers Tyson Alualu for defensive holding.

13:19: Brady passes to Godwin for a 9 yard complete pass.

13:58: Pickett was unable to produce a touchdown after that run and the Steelers settle for a 25-yard FG. Steelers are up 13-9 at the start of the second half.

15:00: WOW. Not how you want to start the second half if you’re a Bucs fan. Camarda kicks 66 yards and Steelers’ Sims runs the ball back for 89 yards.

2nd quarter

End of the second quarter: Steelers 10 – Buccaneers 9

So far, Ryan Succop has scored all nine points for the Buccaneers.

0:04: Last chance for the Bucs to lead the Steelers going into the half and Succop clears the 54-yard FG.

0:54: Brady threw an incomplete pass on the previous play and Camarda punts 52 yards for a fair catch by Steven Sims.

1:45: Brady is sacked and fumbles the ball when it gets knocked out of his hand. Godwin recovered the ball.

2:17: Pickett threw two incomplete passes for no gain and the Steelers will punt the ball, giving the Bucs a chance to score before we head to the half.

2:52: Camrada punts 47 yards and the Steelers run the ball back for 6 yards.

2:55: Brady passes incomplete middle to Godwin

4:14: Boswell goes for the 55-yard FG and it’s good… it hit the bottom of the goal post, but it counts. Steelers up 10-6 with 4:07 remaining on the clock.

6:03: Penalty thrown on Kevin Dotson for offensive holding.

6:39: Pickett passes to Johnson and gets the first down before being pushed out.

9:18: Dionte Johnson ran for 5 yards. Steelers’ Mason Cole was injured during the play.

10:58: Pickett scrambles right for a 6 yard gain. Pickett’s ability to remain calm has been a huge asset to the Steelers. When you combine the calm mentality with the Steelers defense, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been faced with a challenge so far this game.

11:04: Succop kicks a 27-yard FG and its good! Bucs stray by just 1 point in the second quarter. Steelers 7, Bucs 6.

11:48: Brady is sacked by Cam Heyward and the Bucs miss out on their first touchdown attempt.

12:28: Brady hands off to Fournette and he loses 3 yards as he’s taken down by Steelers’ Larry Ogunjobi.

13:45: Brady passes short middle to Gage for 11 yards, the Bucs’ are right on the goal line.

15:00: Brady starts off the second quarter with a short middle pass to Evans for a 10 yard gain.

1st quarter

End of the first quarter: Steelers 7 – Buccaneers 3

1:19: Brady passes deep to Godwin for a 22 yard gain.

2:01: Pickett is sacked by Bucs’ Antoine Winfield Jr for a loss of 12 yards.

2:54: Penalty thrown on Steelers’ Norwood for neutral zone infraction. Bucs’ make the FG as they put 3 on the board. Steelers still lead 7-3 as we near the two minute warning.

2:57: Brady passes incomplete to Godwin and Tre Norwood forces the Bucs FG.

3:04: Brady passes incomplete deep middle to Cameron Brate.

6:55: Brady passes deep left to Mike Evans for 20 yards.

7:32: Boswell kicks 64 yards and Rachaad White runs the ball for 27 yards.

7:44: Pickett passes short left to Najee Harris and he scores the first touchdown of the game. Steelers lead the Bucs 7-0. This TD throw was a career first for the rookie out of Pitt.

11:14: Pickett passes incomplete deep right to Pickens. Penalty was thrown on Devin White for roughing the passer.

14:02: Steelers rookie QB Kenny Pickett, who is getting his second start of the season passes short right to George Pickens before being pushed out of bounds.

14:14: Brady passes incomplete to Godwin again.

14:17: Bucs’ QB Tom Brady passes incomplete deep left to Chris Godwin.

15:00: Steelers Chris Boswell kicks 65 yards for a touchback to kickoff the game.