TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Buccaneers are on the road again as they face off against the Carolina Panthers. Following last weeks loss to the Steelers, the Bucs will look to take down their NFC South rival on their own turf.

The Panthers will be without their starting quarterback Baker Mayfield for the second week in a row as PJ Walker will get his second straight start. The Panthers will also be without star running back Christian McCaffrey as he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers just days before Sundays match.

Bucs’ head coach Todd Bowles stated the team would be changing things around after miscommunication, followed by multiple penalties hurt Tampa Bay against the Steelers. Only time will tell if the changes helped the Buccaneers.

4th Quarter

End of the fourth quarter: Panthers 21 – Buccaneers 3

0:28: White runs the ball for 1-yard as the fourth quarter comes to an ends.

1:11: Penalty called on the Panthers for a delay of game.

2:00: Foreman runs and gains 4-yards as the clock continues to run out.

3:38: Hekker punts 38-yards and a penalty is called on Bucs’ Genard Avery for roughing the kicker.

7:10: Foreman gets pushed back for 2-yard loss.

8:00: False start called on Bucs’ Smith. Next play, Brady passes an is almost intercepted.

9:26: Brady passes 36-yards to Otton for a complete pass.

9:33: Panthers’ Pineiro kicks 62-yards and Bucs’ White runs for 31-yards before being pushed out of bounds.

9:39: Walker passes deep right to Tremble for a 29-yard touchdown. Panthers know lead the Bucs 21-3.

11:04: Blackshear runs and gets pushed back 1-yard.

11:48: Foreman ran for 27-yards and was pushed out of bounds.

12:20: Hubbard ran the ball for 13-yards. He was injured during the play.

13:38: Camarda kicks 65-yards for a touchback.

13:41: After three incomplete passes thrown by Brady, the Buccaneers go for the 27-yard field goal and Ryan Succop nails it. The Bucs are finally on the board in the fourth quarter. Panthers 14, Buccaneers 3.

14:23: Brady goes short to Russell Gage for 4 yards. Panthers’ Donte Jackson was injured during the play.

15:00: Brady passes short to Evans for a 5-yard gain.

3rd Quarter

End of the third quarter: Panthers 14 – Buccaneers 0

0:27: Brady scrambles up the middle for 1-yard.

1:21: Brady passes short left to Cade Otton. Otton runs for 19 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

2:19: Penalty called on Bucs’ Donovan Smith for a false start.

3:15: Chuba Hubbard scores the Panthers second touchdown of the game. Buccaneers now trail by two touchdowns.

3:55: Foreman breaks out and runs for 60 yards – the longest of his career.

4:00: Walker passes a deep incomplete pass to Moore. Carolina challenged the incomplete pass ruling and the play was upheld. The ruling on the field stands. Panthers head coach Steve Wilks is 0-5 for challenging calls.

4:51: Brady passes short to Fournette for a 7-yard gain. The Bucs, unsuccessful on their drives are forced to punt the ball, yet again.

Brady has been unable to make a connection so far this game. The Bucs started out strong, but the energy on and off the field is not looking good. Although they’re #1 in the NFC South, this division rivalry game is not one you want to lose if you’re the Buccaneers.

5:08: After multiple unsuccessful drives, the Panthers punt the ball for 56-yards. Bucs’ Darden makes the fair catch.

5:22: False start called on Panthers’ Tommy Tremble.

6:24: Fournette gets the ball but is unable to gain any yards. Panthers’ CJ Henderson was injured during the play.

7:57: Brady goes to Evans for a 9-yard gain. Evans walks off the field after the play. Commentators say could be possible injury.

9:42: Bucs start from the 30-yard line as Brady throws short to Evans for a 13-yard gain begore running out of bounds.

10:58: Walker passes short left to Raheem Blackshear and they loss 4 yards on the play. Bucs’ Antoine Winfield was injured during the play, but he walked himself off the field.

11:49: Brady LAUNCHES outside to Godwin, but he’s unable to make the catch and the Bucs will punt the ball away.

12:37: Brady under pressure couldn’t find anyone open to make a play and throws the ball away.

14:06: Hekker punts 61 yards and Bucs’ Jaelon Darden runs the ball back 20 yards.

14:54: Foreman runs up the middle for a 6-yard gain.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards to the end zone for a touchback.

2nd Quarter

End of the second quarter: Panthers 7 – Buccaneers 0

0:05: Brady goes short right to Evans for 9 yards before being pushed out of bounds. Bucs unable to score as the first half comes to a close.

0:12: Brady passes incomplete to Evans. The pass was almost intercepted.

0:29: Bucs run the ball back 16-yards upon kickoff.

0:35: Walker goes deep left to Moore for a 20-yard touchdown. Panthers lead the Bucs 7-0 as the second quarter comes to a close.

2:00: Walker passes short to D’Onta Foreman for a 23-yard gain.

3:16: Walker passes deep to DJ Moore. He ran for 21 yards before running out of bounds.

3:25: Camarda punts 62 yards to end zone for a touchback.

3:46: Brady passes short to Godwin for a gain of 10 yards. Penalty called on Bucs’ Robert Hainsey for an ineligible downfield pass – declined.

4:29: Brady is taken down by Panthers’ Brian Burns. Burns previously called Brady the Panthers’ “arch nemesis” earlier this week.

4:34: Brady scrambles a little in the pocket, makes a quick thrown to Evans down field. Throw was a little too high for Evans to complete it.

7:11: Leonard Fournette goes up the middle for 2 yards to secure the first down.

7:55: Hekker punts 41 yards to end zone for a touchback.

9:08: Bucs’ Vita Vea sacks Walker and pushes him back 7 yards. Carolina is no longer in field goal range. Penalty against Carolina for defensive delay of game.

10:51: Walker passes short tight to Moore for a 6-yard gain.

13:06: Moore runs the ball and is pushed back 3 yards. Penalty thrown on Carolina for illegal formation – declined.

15:00: Brady and Evans start the second quarter with another touchdown attempt. Looked like the two weren’t on the same page for the play.

1st Quarter

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 0 – Panthers 0

0:25: Brady passes deep left to Godwin and gains 18 yards before being pushed out of bounds. Penalty thrown on Tampa Bay for illegal formation.

2:26: Brady passes to Evans and it’s caught just shy of the first.

3:10: Panthers respond and tackle White for a 6-yard loss.

3:43: Bucs’ rookie Rachaad White runs the ball for 11 yards.

5:17: Walker passes short to DJ Moore for 4 yards. Ruled a catch on the field, but it was just shy of the first. Panthers will punt.

6:54: Camarda punts 40 yards to the end zone for a touchback.

8:57: Brady passes short left to Ko Kieft for an 18-yard gain.

9:37: Brady launches to Godwin and they get the first down.

11:09: Johnny Hekker punts 62 yards and Buccaneers run it back for 8 yards.

12:45: Panthers’ quarterback PJ Walker is getting his second straight start today and came out the gates firing downfield to Terrace Marshall. Tampa Bay challenged the pass completion ruling – and the play was reversed. Pass was incomplete.

12:52: Bucs forced to punt the ball after a few unsuccessful drives.

13:00: Brady throws an incomplete pass to Chris Godwin for no gain.

13:45: Tom Brady launches the ball down field to Mike Evans for what would’ve been an easy touchdown, but it slipped out of Evans hands.

15:00: Panthers’ Eddy Pineiro kicks 65 yards to the end zone for a touchback to start the game.