TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers head into a crucial matchup against the Baltimore Ravens for Thursday Night Football at Raymond James Stadium.

The Bucs (3-4) are heading into Thursday’s primetime game hoping to avoid three consecutive losses for the first time in 20 years and the Ravens (4-3) will be heading into the game with confidence after defeating the Browns and Bengals in previous weeks.

From the past two games, I think we learned anything is possible for this Buccaneers team, but with Tampa Bay missing TE Cameron Brate, CB Carlton Davis, WR Russell Gage, G Luke Goedeke, DE Akiem Hicks, CB Sean Murphy-Bunting and S Antoine Winfield Jr. due to injuries, the game could go either way.

4th Quarter

FINAL: Ravens 27 – Buccaneers 22

0:26: Jackson knees for another 1-yard loss and that’ll end the game. Ravens win 27-22.

0:48: Jackson kneels for a loss of 1-yard.

0:49: Camarda kicks onside 11-yards from TB35 to TB46. No gain.

0:49: Second Two-point conversion attempt fails. White rushes and is stopped.

0:49: Bucs go for the two-point conversion and the pass from Brady to Otton is incomplete. Penalty on Ravens’ Patrick Queen for defensive holding.

0:53: TOUCHDOWN!! Brady passes short to Jones for an 8-yard TD. Penalty called on Ravens’ Jason Pierre-Paul for defesnive offside – declined. Ravens lead 27-22.

0:56: Brady passes incomplete short middle to Godwin.

1:00: Brady spikes the ball to stop the clock. Next play is an incomplete pass from Brady to Otton at the goal line.

1:15: Otton gets the first down for Tampa Bay as he runs 5-yards before being pushed out of bounds. The Buccaneers are racing the clock.

1:23: Brady goes short right to Fourtnette for 15-yards.

1:41: Brady passes to Otton for a 10-yard gain.

2:00: Brady passes deep left to Jones for a 22-yard gain before running out of bounds. Penalty called on Ravens’ Justin Madubuike for roughing the passer. The replay official reviewed the pass completion ruling and the play was reversed. Penalty on Madubuike was enforced for an automatic first down.

2:12: Tucker kicks 65-yards from BAL35 to the end zone – touchback. Brady passes short right to Fournette for 14 yards.

2:16: Tucker kicks a 30-yard field goal to push the Ravens further head. Ravens up 27-16.

2:29: Drake goes up the middle, but goes nowhere. No gain.

3:56: Jackson scrambles up the middle for a 4-yard gain.

4:47: Ravens’ Drake has another big run gaining 40-yards.

4:54: Camarda kicks 59-yards from TB35, Duvernay runs for 33-yards.

4:57: Succop goes for the 26-yard field goal and it’s good. Bucs add three more to the score. Ravens still lead 24-16.

4:57: Fournette is back in the game and a false start is called on him. 5-yard penalty for Tampa Bay. Brady is clearly frustrated, these are the same simple mistakes that have been hurting the Buccaneers in previous weeks.

5:04: Brady goes to Jones and gets 13-yards before going out of bounds.

5:10: Brady passes short to Otton for a 6-yard touchdown. Defensive holding on Tampa Bay nullified the touchdown.

5:17: Incomplete pass to Jones. Ravens’ Kyle Hamilton was injured during the play, his return is questionable.

5:48: Brady’s pass to Miller is incomplete. 40-yard penalty was called on Ravens’ Brandon Stephens for defensive pass interference. Bucs are now in Ravens territory.

6:08: White goes up the middle for 5 yards.

6:21: Brady to Evans for an 8-yard gain before going out of bounds.

6:55: Tucker kicks 65-yards from BAL35 to end zone – touchback.

7:00: Duvernay runs 15-yards for another Ravens touchdown. Ravens 24, Buccaneers 13.

9:26: Jackson throws short right to Duvernay for a first down.

11:36: Jackson goes to Likely for a 16-yard run.

12:21: Edwards runs, gains 22-yards, and was injured during the play. His return is questionable due to a hamstring injury, per ESPN’s Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

12:26: Camarda kicks 66-yards and Duvernay runs it back 18-yards.

12:30: Bucs are still able to put some points on the board as Ryan Succop hits a 30-yard field goal. Ravens 17, Buccaneers 13.

13:22: Brady scrambles left and slides for 1-yard. He gets hit as he goes down and looks for a personal foul, but no flag is thrown.

13:26: Brady passes to Evans and it’s almost picked off by Ravens’ Peters. Just didn’t seem like Brady and Evans were on the same page, Brady threw one way and Evans was turned in the opposite direction.

13:30: Brady throws an incomplete pass short left to Kyle Rudolph.

14:20: HUGE play for the Bucs as Brady passes deep left to Evans for 51-yards. That catch was exactly what the Bucs needed right now.

15:00: Brady starts out the final quarter with a pass short left to Godwin to gain 7-yards.

3rd quarter

End of the third quarter: Ravens 17 – Buccaneers 10

0:05: Tucker kicks 65-yards to the end zone – touchback. Brady passes short to Godwin for a quick 4-yards as we head into the final quarter.

0:11: Jackson to rookie Likely for a Baltimore touchdown. The second one of the game. Ravens now lead 17-10.

0:51: Hill runs for 3-yards in the final minute of the third quarter.

1:32: Jackson passes short right, Robinson runs down the sideline for a gain of 15-yards.

2:16: Jackson goes up the middle for a 1-yard loss on the 8th play of the drive.

3:40: Ravens’ Justice Hill runs for 12-yards and gets the first down.

4:25: Jackson is sacked at TB29 for a 1-yard loss.

4:56: Jackson goes to Likely for a 17-yard run.

6:57: Ravens’ Duvernay runs for 18 yards before being pushed out by Bucs’ Lavonte David.

7:09: Pass to Evans from Brady is a little low and is incomplete.

7:57: Julio Jones who is on the field for the first time in three weeks tries to run the ball but is unable to gain any yards.

8:31: White goes up the middle for an 8-yard gain.

9:05: Tucker kicks 65-yards to the end zone for a touchback. Big play for Brady coming off the bench with a 20-yard pass to White.

9:10: Jackson goes to Drake for a 5-yard touchdown. We’re all tied up 10-10.

11:06: Jackson goes short left to Duvernay and he gets a 13-yard gain before going out of bounds.

12:13: Edwards gains 11-yards. Tampa Bays’ Shaquil Barrett was injured during the play and has been ruled out with an ankle injury. Ravens’ TE Mark Andrews has been ruled out for his shoulder.

13:58: Jackson on the run, goes up the middle for 25-yards.

14:13: False start called on Bucs J.J. Russell. Camarda punts 66-yards and Ravens’ Duvernay runs it back for 13-yards.

14:23: Pass incomplete to Evans from Brady.

15:00: Tucker kicks 65-yards for a touchback to start the second half.

2nd Quarter

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 10 – Ravens 3

0:04: Ravens go for the 61-yard field goal attempt and it’s NO GOOD. The attempt was blocked by Bucs’ Patrick O’Connor. Bucs lead at the half for the first time in two weeks.

0:08: Jackson spikes the ball to stop the clock.

0:30: Jackson passes incomplete to Proche. Face mask called on Tampa Bay’s Joe Tryon-Shoyinka

0:56: Camarda punts 60 yards and Ravens run it back for 7-yards.

1:03: Brady sacked again at T34 for another 7-yard loss. Brady is now the most sacked quarterback in the NFL with 555.

1:10: Ravens’ Justin Houston takes down Brady at TB41 for a 7-yard loss.

1:31: Brady passes deep to Evans for a huge 28-yard gain before going out of bounds.

1:55: Brady passes short to Miller a quick 7-yards. Ravens use their first timeout of the game.

2:00: HUGE BREAK-UP for Tampa Bay. Jackson throws to Robinson in the end zone but is incomplete.

2:22: Ravens’ Isaiah Likely runs for 9-yards before being stopped by Tampa Bay’s defense as we near the two-minute warning.

2:33: Jackson throws an incomplete pass way over the end zone. No gain.

3:10: Jackson to Robinson again, this time for a 16-yard gain before being pushed out of bounds.

3:35: Jackson goes short right to Robinson for a 14-yard gain.

5:00: Camarda punts 51 yards to BAL33 and Duvernay runs for 7-yards.

5:04: Brady steps up in the pocket and throws a short incomplete pass intended for Godwin.

5:11: Brady goes deep downfield to Evans and it’s incomplete.

5:55: Stout punts 50-yards to TB14. Fair catch by Bucs’ Jaelon Darden.

7:29: Jackson passes short right to Kenyan Drake for 2-yards. Penalty called on Proche for offensive pass inference.

8:41: Edwards runs up the middle for a short 2-yards.

9:54: Jackson runs for 5-yards to pick up the first down for Baltimore.

10:49: Jackson goes short to Demarcus Robinson for a 9-yard gain before being pushed out.

12:10: SACKED AGAIN!! Bucs’ Shaquil Barrett takes down Jackson for a 3-yard loss.

12:55: Camarda punts 43-yards to BAL6 and is downed by Bucs’ Scotty Miller

12:58: Brady throws an incomplete pass to Godwin. No gain.

14:25: Stout punts 57 yards and Rachaad White runs up the middle to TB48 for a 3-yard gain.

15:00: Jackson starts off the second quarter with a short pass to Duvernay for no gain.

1st Quarter

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 10 – Ravens 3

0:22: Jackson is SACKED by Vita Vea at BAL12 for a 13-yard loss.

0:29: Bucs unable to get a touchdown go for the 31-yard field goal and it’s good!! Bucs now lead 10-3 as we head into the second quarter.

0:40: Incomplete pass from Brady to Evans, so close to another Tampa Bay TD.

1:55: Brady goes to former Raven Breshad Perriman but gets pushed back for a 2-yard loss.

2:39: Brady to Evans with a short pass for an 8-yard gain. The Bucs are getting down the field much quicker than in the past two games. Clearly the changes head coach Todd Bowles talked about making are working.

4:37: Brady passes deep right to Mike Evans for a 23-yard gain.

5:18: Stout punts 53 yards to TB19 and Tampa Bay runs the ball back for 18 yards.

5:28: Jackson throws an incomplete pass deep right to James Proche.

6:13: Ravens’ Gus Edwards gets pushed back for a 1-yard loss.

6:56: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB35 to the end zone for a touchback.

6:58: FOURNETTE GETS IT DONE! Buccaneers record their first touchdown of the night. And the extra point is good. Bucs up 7-3.

7:43: Brady passes incomplete short to Mike Evans. Penalty called on Ravens’ Marcus Peters for defensive holding.

9:03: Brady passes short middle to Chris Godwin for a 44-yard game before being pushed out of bounds at the Ravens 8.

10:58: Brady passes to Leonard Fournette for a 9-yard gain.

11:03: Bucs’ QB Tom Brady’s first pass of the night is incomplete short left to Cade Otton. Ball was almost intercepted by the Ravens.

11:03: Ravens’ Justin Tucker kicks 65 yards to the end zone for a touchback.

11:06: Jackson fires into the end zone, but it’s broken up by Tampa Bay. Ravens go for a 22-yard field goal and it’s good. Ravens put 3 on the board.

12:47: Jordan Stout punts 45-yards and the ball is fumbled but is recovered by Ravens’ Kevon Seymour at Tampa Bay 6.

14:54: Ravens’ QB Lamar Jackson passes short to Mark Andrews for a 22-yard gain.

15:00: Bucs’ Jake Camarda kicks 65 yards and Ravens’ Devin Duvernay runs the ball back 21 yards before being pushed out of bounds to kick off TNF.