TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet the Seattle Seahawks for Week 10 in the first-ever NFL regular season game in Munich, Germany.

In a head-to-head matchup against two divisional leaders, the Buccaneers (4-5) will look to continue that winning momentum and stay at the top of the NFC South, while the Seahawks (6-3) look to improve their record and stay at the number one spot in the NFC West.

After snapping a three-game losing streak last Sunday, the Bucs will look to end an 0-3 record in overseas games. Despite the Bucs’ 0-3 record, quarterback Tom Brady is 3-0 in international games (won with the Patriots).

4th Quarter

FINAL: Buccaneers 21 – Seahawks 16

1:01: Brady kneels for a 1-yard loss.

1:14: Brady kneels to SEA19 for no gain.

2:00: At the two-minute warning, R. White runs for 18 yards.

2:18: First down Julio Jones!! Brady passes short to him for 17 yards. Bucs are moving quickly down the field as time is running out for a Seahawks comeback.

2:25: R. White runs up the middle with a gain of 12 for another first down.

3:13: Brady passes short middle to Godwin for 13 yards. He gets the first down.

3:58: Myers kicks 56 yards from SEA35 to TB9, R. White runs for 8 yards.

4:04: Smith passes deep left to Goodwin for a 19-yard TOUCHDOWN. Bucs now lead 21-16.

5:08: Smith scrambles, but gains 9 yards on the play.

5:43: Smith passes short to Lockett for 10 yards.

6:31: Brady passes middle intended for Evans and it’s intercepted by Seahawks’ Cody Barton.

7:36: Ke’Shawn Vaughn gets the first down as Brady scrambles, finds him and he runs for 11 yards. Seattles’ Jordyn Brooks was injured during the play, his return is probable.

7:40: Brady passes incomplete to Jones, Seahawks’ Michael Jackson breaks it up.

8:20: Myers kicks 65 yards from SEA35, Darden runs it back 23 yards.

INJURY UPDATE: Leonard Fournette doubtful to return with a hip injury.

8:24: Smith passes deep to Lockett for a 21-yard Seattle TOUCHDOWN. They’re going to attempt a two-point conversion and it fails. Bucs lead 21-9.

10:11: Smith to Walker for 13 yards.

10:14: Smith passes incomplete to Dissly. Illegal use of hands called on Bucs’ Hicks – 5 yards – enforced at SEA46.

10:42: A huge play for Seahawks as Smith passes to Walker for 23 yards.

10:48: Camarda kicks 64 yards from TB35 to SEA1, Dallas runs it back 22 yards.

10:48: TOUCHDOWN!!! Chris Godwin scores his first touchdown of the season, the teams third against Seattle. Bucs 21, Seahawks 3.

12:13: R. White picks it up and gets 3 yards.

13:00: Brady goes to Brate for 8 yards. This is Brate’s first game back since suffering a neck injury in Week 6.

14:24 Brady steps up, makes a deep left pass to Otton for a HUGE 25-yard gain.

15:00: R. White runs up the middle for a short 2-yard gain.

3rd Quarter

End of the third quarter: Buccaneers 14 – Seahawks 3

0:20: RACHAAD WHITE!!! He ran for 29 yards and pushes Seattle’s defense out of his way.

1:05: Brady passes short middle to Godwin for a 12-yard gain.

1:48: R. White gets pushed back for a 4-yard loss.

2:29: R. White runs for 7 yards.

2:36: FUMBLE!! Smith is sacked at TB13 by Devin White for a 4-yard loss, ball is recovered by Bucs’ Anthony Nelson. A huge play by White as the Seahawks were in scoring position.

4:21: Walker runs for 4 yards. Seahawks’ Damien Lewis was injured during the play, his return is questionable.

4:39: Smith throws to Metcalf and he runs for 16 yards before being pushed out.

5:32: Smith to Metcalf for 10 yards.

6:02: Smith passes short right to Fant for 11 yards.

6:33: Smith scrambles end to SEA20 for 4 yards. Unnecessary roughness on Bucs’ Akiem Hicks – 15 yards – enforced at SEA20.

6:34: Direct snap to Fournette, Brady goes out wide. Fournette throws a pass intended for Brady, but he slips and it leads to an interception by Seahawks’ Tariq Woolen. Penalty on Brady for tripping – 10 yards – enforced at SEA6.

7:19: WHAT A CATCH!!!! Brady goes to Godwin for a beautiful 18-yard catch.

8:05: Brady with a play fake, goes to Cade Otton for an 8-yard gain.

8:46: White runs for 2 yards and gets the first down.

10:09: Direct snap to Fournette, for 2 yards.

10:38: Brady to Jones for 5 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

11:19: Brady passes short right to Evans for 5 yards.

11:59: Myers kicks 58 yards from SEA35, White runs it back for 22 yards.

12:10: Seahawks go for the 55-yard field goal and it’s good. Seattle puts three on the board. Bucs 14, Seahawks 3.

12:14: Smith passes deep left to Metcalf. Unsportsmanlike conduct called on Metcalf – 15 yards – enforced at TB22.

13:02: Smith holds onto the ball, scrambles for a 1-yard gain.

13:27: Smith goes to Tyler Lockett for 12 yards.

13:57: Smith to Metcalf for 12 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

14:26: Smith passes to Dissly again, he picks up 15 yards.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB35 to end zone – touchback. Smith passes short right to Will Dissly for a 13-yard run.

2nd Quarter

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 14 – Seahawks 0

0:28: Brady kneels to TB1 for a 1-yard loss.

0:48: Smith to Walker and he gets taken down by Bucs’ Antoine Winfield Jr. for a 2-yard loss.

1:11: Smith passes deep to Goodwin for a 19-yard gain.

1:49: SACKED!!!! Devin White takes down Geno Smith at the SEA10 for a 10-yard loss.

1:57: Camarda punts 63 yards to SEA30, fair catch made by DeeJay Dallas.

2:00: At the two minute warning, Brady throws to Cameron Brate – incomplete. The Bucs are now forced to punt from their own end zone.

3:03: False start called on Seattle – 5 yards – enforced at SEA33. Dickson punts 68 yards to TB4, out of bounds.

3:12: Smith running out of time passes incomplete to Walker.

4:27: Smith to Metcalf for 9 yards.

4:31: Camarda kicks 65 yards, Seahawks’ Eskridge runs for 21 yards.

4:33: FOURNETTE TOUCHDOWN. Brady goes to Fournette for a 1-yard TD, Bucs lead 14-0.

5:38: SCOTTY MILLER!! Miller was wide open, Brady passes to him for 22 yards. However, he jumped and if he would’ve stayed down it would’ve been an easy TD.

6:21: Brady with time in the pocket throws a deep middle pass to Goodwin for 19 yards. This is the fifth straight third down conversion for Tampa.

7:01: Brady to Miller for a 3-yard gain.

8:51: Fournette on the move, gains 10 yards and gets the first down.

9:35: Brady passes incomplete to Scotty Miller. Pass interference called on Seattle – 3 yards – enforced at TB29.

10:50: Brady to Evans again for a quick 5 yards. Another third down conversion for Tampa.

11:29: Brady passes short to Evans, Evans slips and picks up 4 yards.

12:13: Dickson punts 51 yards, fair catch made by Darden.

13:04: Smith scrambles left and runs for 7 yards before going out of bounds, he stopped just short of the first down.

13:40: Camarda kicks 55 yards from TB35, Seahawks’ Dee Eskridge runs for 17 yards before being pushed out.

13:48: TOUCHDOWN!! Brady passes short middle to Julio Jones for a 31-yard TD. Bucs lead 7-0.

15:00: Brady passes to Evans for 11 yards before being pushed out.

1st Quarter

End of the first quarter: Buccaneers 0 – Seahawks 0

0:48: Fournette runs over Seahawks’ Quandre Diggs, picks up 7 yards and gets the first down.

2:45: White runs for 8 yards and gets the first down.

3:27: Brady flips to Godwin, he gets 5 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

4:37: Bucs’ Rachaad White runs for 10 yards. 2nd & 7 for Tampa Bay.

5:23: Dickson punts 32 yards to TB12, downed by Seahawks’ Nick Bellore.

5:36: Delay of game called on Seattle, second one of the game for the Seahawks – enforced at TB39.

6:34: Smith passes short right to Noah Fant for 15 yards.

7:11: Unsportsmanlike conduct called on Seattle – 15-yard penalty pushes them back into their own territory.

8:15: Smith to Metcalf for 13 yards, Seattle gets the first down as they enter Bucs territory.

8:53: Smith flicks it to Walker for a short 2-yard gain.

9:02: Brady throws incomplete to Godwin. That’ll bring out Ryan Succop for a 52-yard field goal attempt and IT’S NO GOOD. Bucs 0, Seahawks 0.

10:31: Fournette gets 10 yards. Holding called on Seattle – 8 yards enforced at SEA28.

11:05: Brady goes over the middle to Mike Evans to gain 29 yards.

11:12: Michael Dickson punts 41 yards to T41 – fair catch by Darden.

12:00: BUCS SACK! Geno Smith is taken down by Joe Tyron-Shoyinka for a 17-yard loss.

12:20: Delay of game called on Seahawks – 5 yards enforced at SEA40

13:43: Kenneth Walker runs for a 4-yard gain.

14:01: First pass from Seahawks QB Geno Smith is complete to DK Metcalf for a 10-yard gain.

14:12: Jake Camarda punts 59 yards – out of bounds.

14:21: QB Tom Brady’s first throw of the game is dropped by Chris Godwin.

15:00: Seahawks’ Jason Myers kicks 67 yards, Bucs’ Jaelon Darden runs the ball for an 18-yard gain.