TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Coming off their bye week, the well-rested Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face off against the Cleveland Browns in Week 12.

The Buccaneers (5-5) are riding a two-game win streak while the Browns (3-7) have lost six of their previous seven games. Despite a huge 32-13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Halloween, the Browns have struggled since and will look to snap their losing streak against the Bucs.

A win for the Buccaneers Sunday would add to their confidence and momentum going forward as they continue to push for a spot in the playoffs.


FINAL: Browns 23 – Buccaneers 17

0:24: Chubb runs up the middle for a 3-yard TD. Penalty called on Tampa Bay – declined. Browns win 23-17 in OT.

0:56: Brissett passes deep to Cooper for a 45-yard gain. Cooper was wide open on the play. The replay official reviewed the runner was out of bounds ruling and the play was reversed. Cooper was pushed out at 45 yards.

2:45: Brissett goes to Cooper for a 17-yard gain. Winfield was injured during the play. His return is questionable.

2:54: Camarda punts 36-yards. Downed by the Browns.

3:29: Brady is taken down by Garrett for a 4-yard loss.

3:35: Brady passes incomplete to Evans. Bucs’ Wirfs was injured during the play. He is being carted off the field.

4:49: Brady to Godwin for a HUGE 14-yard play. Bucs get the first down.

6:10: Bucs’ Darden returns the punt for 7 yards. During the return, illegal block above the waist called on Tampa Bay. 10-yard penalty, enforced at TB29.

6:17: Brissett goes deep left to Njoku – no gain.

6:47: Brissett scrambles left for 7 yards. Holding called on the Browns. 10-yard penalty – enforced at CLE19.

7:26: Chubb runs left but gets pushed back for a loss of 2 yards.

7:35: Camarda punts 42 yards, Peoples-Jones returns it for 6 yards.

8:04: Brady goes to White for 10 yards. Illegal use of hands called on Bucs’ Smith. 10-yard penalty enforced at CLE47.

8:39: R. White picks up another 6 yards as the Buccaneers move into Browns territory.

9:01: Brady goes short left to Godwin. He picks up 7 yards.

9:04: Brady throws incomplete to Brate at 2nd & 6 TB40.

9:41: Neutral zone infraction called on Browns’ Garrett – 5-yard penalty enforced at TB31.

10:00: Brady passes short middle to Godwin for 6 yards.

Buccaneers win the toss, they will receive the ball

4th Quarter

End of the fourth quarter: Buccaneers 17 – Browns 17

0:02: Brady throws incomplete deep right. Bucs have two timeouts remaining.

0:08: Brady throws an incomplete pass to Brate.

0:15: Brady goes to Jones with a HUGE 26-yard gain.

0:37: Browns touchdown. Brissett goes to Njoku in the back of the end zone for a 12-yard TD. The game is tied 17-17 with less than a minute left in the game.

1:16: Brissett goes to Njoku and they Browns lose a yard.

2:00: At the two-minute warning, Chubb runs the ball for 28 yards before being pushed out of bounds by Winfield Jr.

2:20: Camarda punts 48 yards and Peoples-Jones takes the ball back 12 yards.

2:26: Myles Garrett sacks Brady for a 7-yard loss.

2:35: R. White gets taken down at TB17 for a loss of 3 yards.

3:20: SACK! Brissett is taken down by Rakeem Nunez-Roches. This is the fourth time the Buccaneers have sacked the Browns QB in the second half.

3:26: Brissett goes deep to Cooper and it’s incomplete.

4:02: Illegal contact called on Bucs’ Zyon McCollum – 5-yard penalty enforced at CLE28. Hunt gained 1-yard on the play.

4:42: Browns get the first down after Njoku picks up 8 yards.

5:58: Brissett to Cooper for a 12-yard gain.

6:06: Brissett throws an incomplete pass to Schwartz. Offensive pass interference called on the Browns – declined. Bucs’ Jamel Dean was injured during the play. He was seen limping off the field.

7:03: Brady on third down passes to Evans – incomplete. The Bucs will now punt the ball away.

8:26: Cooper drops a long ball from Brissett, it would’ve been a first down if it was caught.

9:57: SACK!! Devin White takes down Brissett for a loss of 7-yards.

11:17: Chubb gains 15 yards. 1st & 10 at CLE40.

11:58: Brissett passes short to Schwartz. He picks up 17 yards and gets the first down.

12:41: Camarda punts 42 yards to the end zone – touchback.

13:28: Brady to Brate with a 9-yard pass. Stopped just 2-yards shy of a first down. Delay of game called on Tampa Bay – 5-yard penalty, enforced at CLE37.

13:34: Brady goes deep right to Jones – incomplete. Next play, false start called on Bucs’ Smith – 5-yard penalty enforced at CLE41.

14:15: Brady throws an incomplete pass to Evans. Pass interference was called on Browns’ Martin Emerson Jr. – 13-yard penalty. Browns’ Ronnie Harrison Jr. was injured during the play, his return is questionable.

15:00: Brady opens the drive with a deep pass intended for Godwin – incomplete.

3rd Quarter

End of the third quarter: Buccaneers 17 – Browns 10

0:24: Browns punt 56 yards, Darden runs it back 17 yards.

1:04: SACKED! Brissett gets taken down again. This time it was split between Keanu Neal and Logan Hall for an 8-yard loss.

1:26: Neutral zone infraction called on Bucs’ Genard Avery – 5-yard penalty.

2:54: SACKED! Anthony Nelson takes down Brissett for an 8-yard loss.

3:06: Camarda punts and Peoples-Jones recovers the ball for a 16-yard gain.

3:44: Brady passes to Godwin for a short 2-yard gain. After going 0-3 on their drives, they punt the ball.

5:10: Browns punt and Jaelon Darden makes a fair catch.

5:13: Brissett throws an incomplete pass to Peoples-Jones. Davis covering Peoples-Jones read the pass and broke it up.

7:09: Chubb runs and picks up 11 yards at the 2nd & 5 CLE 30.

7:41: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB35 to end zone – touchback.

7:44: KO KIEFT TOUCHDOWN!!! Brady goes to Kieft for a 5-yard TD. This was the rookie’s first NFL TD.

9:36: Brady DEEP left to Godwin for 22 yards and another first down.

10:17: Jones runs and gains 15 yards.

11:29: Brady passes 28 yards to a wide-open Evans for a Bucs first down. This was Evans’ first catch of the game.

11:36: Browns will punt the ball away after three plays resulting in no yards gained.

12:51: Brissett goes short to Bryant for no gain.

13:06: Camarda punts 62 yards to CLE13, Peoples-Jones runs it back for 29 yards. A huge opening drive for the Browns after the Bucs were unable to score during their drive.

13:42: Brady passes short middle to Julio Jones for a gain of 8 yards.

14:25: Browns sack Brady at TB17 for a 6-yard loss.

15:00: York kicks 65 yards from CLE35 to end zone – touchback.

2nd Quarter

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 10 – Browns 10

0:05: Mike Edwards picks off Brissett’s pass in the end zone as the second quarter comes to a close.

0:26: Bucs’ only allow Cooper to gain 4 yards before Murphy-Bunting takes him down.

0:39: Camarda kicks 66 yards and Browns’ Jerome Ford runs it for 44 yards.

0:43: Ryan Succop’s 42-yard FG IS GOOD! Bucs tie it up 10-10.

0:55: Brady to Cameron Brate for a gain of 6 yards. The Buccaneers will send out the kicking squad as the Browns use their final timeout of the first half.

1:01: Brady passes deep to Evans. It was ruled incomplete in the end zone.

1:24: Brady to Godwin for a HUGE 23-yard play.

2:00: At the two-minute warning, Brady sneaks and gets the first down. He picked up 2 yards on the play.

3:33: Brady to Godwin for 9 yards.

3:53: Brady passes short left to Mike Evans for a 16-yard gain. Offensive pass interference called on Evans. 10-yard penalty – enforced at TB29.

3:58: Browns’ York attempts a 39-yard field goal attempt and it’s NO GOOD! Browns 10, Bucs 7.

5:55: Brissett passes short left to David Bell for 4 yards before being pushed out.

6:21: Offensive holding called on Peoples-Jones. 10-yard penalty enforced at TB14.

8:19: Chubb gains 8 yards. Commentators said Winfield was making his way to the medical tent. He is under evaluation for a potential concussion.

8:51: Brissett scrambles down the line, picks up 17 yards for another Cleveland first down. He was able to break away from Murphy-Bunting for the run.

9:16: Chubb gets the first down after a 16-yard run before being pushed out.

10:00: Camarda punts 42 yards, Peoples-Jones makes a fair catch.

11:26: Brady passes short to R. White for 8 yards. On the next play, White got pushed back for a 1-yard loss.

12:09: Browns forced to punt after being unable to score. Kicks it into the end zone for a touchback.

13:52: Brissett goes to Bryant for 8 yards. Illegal Formation called on Browns’ Jack Conklin – 5-yard penalty. Bucs’ Antoine Winfield Jr. not in the game as he’s currently on the sideline.

14:32: Kareem Hunt gets 2 yards for the first down.

15:00: Brissett passes short left to D Njoku for a 5-yard run before being pushed out of bounds. Cleveland challenged the short of the line to gain ruling – the play was UPHELD, ruling on the field stands.

1st Quarter

End of the first quarter: Browns 10 – Buccaneers 7

1:19: Camarda punts 47 yards and Peoples-Jones runs it back for a 12-yard gain.

2:27: Browns set up for a 51-yard field goal attempt and it’s good. Browns now lead 10-7.

2:32: A deep pass to Peoples-Jones is incomplete as it was almost picked off by Bucs’ Carlton Davis. Davis was injured during the play, his return is questionable.

3:59: Brissett goes short right to Harrison Bryant for a 9-yard gain.

5:11: Brissett scrambles right before being pushed out of bounds at CLE35 for 10 yards. Unsportsmanlike conduct called on Bucs’ Devin White – 15 yards.

5:11: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB35 to end zone – touchback.

5:17: GODWIN TOUCHDOWN!!! Brady passes short left to Godwin for a 10-yard touchdown! Defensive pass interference called on the play but was declined. Bucs 7, Browns 7.

6:15: False start called on Bucs’ Josh Wells. 5 yard5-yard penalty – enforced at CLE11.

8:57: Brady under pressure, scrambles and tosses the ball to White for 5 yards.

9:38: RACHAAD WHITE!! White runs for 35 yards and gets the first down. This was the longest run of the season for Tampa Bay.

10:45: Browns’ Cade York kicks 65 yards from CLE35 to end zone – touchback.

10:53: BROWNS TOUCHDOWN. Anthony Schwartz gets a 31-yard TD to put the Browns ahead 7-0.

11:34: Chubb gains 15 yards for the Browns.

12:20: Brissett goes to Donovan Peoples-Jones for 9 yards before Bucs’ Sean Murphy-Bunting gets the tackle.

12:58: Bucs push Nick Chubb back for a 1-yard loss.

13:33: Browns’ Jacoby Brissett passes short right to Amari Cooper for 12 yards.

15:00: Bucs’ Jake Camarda kicks off 66 yards from TB35. Browns run the ball for a 23-yard gain.