ATLANTA, Ga. (WFLA) – The end of the NFL regular season is here and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are planning on ending it on a high note with another division matchup.

Last Sunday, the Buccaneers (8-8) took down the Carolina Panthers to clinch the NFC South. Now, the playoff-bound Bucs will look to defeat the Atlanta Falcons (6-10) for the second time this season.

The two teams met back in Week 5 when the Buccaneers soared passed the Falcons and walked away with a 21-15 win. Although Sunday’s game isn’t crucial to the Bucs’ season, they’re still going to treat it like a regular division game

FINAL: Falcons 30 – Buccaneers 17

0:28: Williams passes right for 14 yards.

2:28: Falcons’ Williams gets pushed back for a loss of 8.

4:05: Koo extends the lead with a 51-yard field goal. Falcons lead 30-17.

8:07: Pinion kicks 65 yards to ATL35 to end zone – touchback.

8:10: Falcons’ Patterson runs it in for a 2-yard touchdown. Bucs extend the lead 26-17.

12:20: Ridder goes dep right to London for a 40-yard completion.

14:11: Ridder passed short to Allgeier to ATL24 – Holding called on Atlanta – enforced at ATL17.

14:22: Camarda punts 45 yards to ATL17 – downed by Chelsey.

End of the third quarter: Falcons 20 – Buccaneers 17

0:51: Ridder jumps out and throws to a wide-open Zacchaeus for a Falcons TD. Falcons take the lead. Falcons 20, Bucs 17.

2:14: Allgeier runs left and picks up 6 yards.

5:30: Ridder scrambles downfield passes to Firkser for a first down.

8:09: Allgeier runs for 13 yards before getting tackled.

10:27: Pinion kicks 65 yards from ATL35 to end zone – touchback.

10:31: Falcons’ Koo kicks a 24-yard FG to close the Bucs lead. Bucs 17, Falcons 13.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB35 to end zone – Touchback.

End of the second quarter: Buccaneers 17 – Falcons 10

1:50: BUCS TOUCHDOWN!! Gabbert goes to Gage for a touchdown. Gage looked injured during the play as he was grabbing his lower back. Bucs 17, Falcons 10.

4:08: Ridder fumbles the ball and Devin White recovered the ball. 2nd & 7 ATL39.

7:26: Ridder scrambles up the middle for 8 yards, but after two no gain plays, the Falcons punt it back to the Bucs.

8:19: TIED BALL GAME! Ryan Succop nails a 41-yard FG to put the Bucs up 3. Falcons 10, Bucs 10.

8:46: Holding called on Bucs’ Luke Goedeke – 9-yard penalty- enforced at ATL14.

9:58: Brady goes short to Thompkins for 5 yards, just inches shy of a first down.

10:41: Falcons’ Vaughn goes up the middle and is pushed back for a loss of 5.

13:52: Giovanni Bernard is in the game and he picks up 5 yards after a pass from Brady.

15:00: Brady goes to Godwin for 9 yards.

End of the first quarter: Falcons 10 – Buccaneers 7

0:24: Brady goes to Godwin and he gets 5 yards. 2nd & 7 TB28.

0:59: Falcons take the lead after a successful 49-yard FG kick. Atlanta leads 10-7.

2:27: Brady passes to Godwin. The ball was punched out of Godwin’s hands for a fumble. Falcons recover it TB34.

3:31: FALCONS TOUCHDOWN. Ridder lobs it to Pruitt and the Falcons tie the game up 7-7. Ridder got his first NFL passing TD on that drive.

4:15: Another run by Allgeier but Winfield Jr. puts up a big block.

5:04: Allgeier picks up 16 yards as the Falcons inch near the end zone.

6:08: Falcons’ Patterson runs for 5 yards. Low block called on Bucs’ Sean Murphy-Bunting – 15-yard penalty.

6:42: Ridder finds Drake London and he picks up 26 yards. 3rd & 5 ATL14.

7:22: Ridder launches down field and Bucs’ Jamel Dean breaks up the pass.

9:08: Akiem Hicks takes down Falcons’ rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder for a loss of 8.

9:51: BUCS TOUCHDOWN!! Brady fires to Kyle Rudolph for an 8-yard TD. The Bucs are the first on the board. Bucs 7, Falcons 0.

12:41: Thompkins takes the ball and runs downfield for 17.

14:19: Brady passes deep right to Godwin for 17 yards.

15:00: Falcons’ Pinion kicked 59 yards. Bucs’ Thompkins returned the ball 24 yards.