MIAMI, Fla. — Former Detroit Lions quarterback Eric Hipple understands the toll ignored mental issues can take on one’s well-being, which is why he’s sharing a powerful message at the country’s largest sports event.

After Hipple’s son committed suicide in 2000, he continues to raise awareness of mental health issues in order to remove the stigma associated with discussing them publicly, or even privately.

“The biggest challenge is to keep going when things get really, really dark,” said Hipple to our team with Big Game Bound on Monday. “The only way you can do that is if there’s hope.”

“Pieces of hope are what really pull people through.”

Hipple continues to advocate on behalf of After the Impact, a charity that helps veterans and athletes with injuries you can’t detect on the surface.

On Monday’s show, which you can watch above, Hipple discusses his own suicide attempt and what he’s learned since his darkest of days.

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