DALLAS, Texas (WFLA) – He can fly on skates and, whether you are asking him about his speed or his recent scoring spree, he is rather humble.

When he was asked about what is working for him in regards to scoring four goals in four games, Yanni Gourde responded truthfully.

“I don’t know,” said Gourde, a forward with the Tampa Bay Lightning. “Honestly, I try to keep it simple. I go to the net. I try to play simple hockey, get the puck deep and go to work.”

He has 12 goals in 32 games this season after only scoring 10 goals in 70 games last season.

“I am familiar with the guys I am playing with right now,” he said. “I know what they are really good at so, in our game, we play fast. We get pucks in the net.”

He addressed his fourth goal in four games after he scored it against the Dallas Stars on Tuesday.

“On that goal,” Gourde explained, “I just tried to shoot and it was pretty embarrassing because I hit the defender in the chest and I got the rebound but it worked somehow.”

“Clearly, he is following up his own rebound,” Lightning head coach Jon Cooper said. “I tell players all of the time, when you are attacking the net and you are going to the net, good things usually follow you around and Yanni, for a lot of his career, he has called that blue paint area his office because he has scored a ton of goals from there and now he is scoring them different ways but he continues to go to the net. He doesn’t give up on plays and he is getting rewarded for it and they are going in right now and we have needed him so good for him.”

Yes, good for Gourde, he admitted he is feeling more confident with the puck.

“I just try to work hard every single night,” said Gourde, “and I take a lot of pride in the little details of the game and try to play the right way every single night.”