TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – USF Softball pitcher, Georgina Corrick, set the Bulls’ program record for career strikeouts Tuesday, adding to her growing list of accolades on the diamond.

But even now as she holds five school records and two American Athletic Conference records, she hasn’t let any of that go to her head. For her, it’s all about winning, and that’s something that’s gained her immense respect from everyone in that dugout.

“She’s never put herself above the team,” said USF Softball Head Coach Ken Eriksen. “I think that’s why people love playing for her. You’ve probably got 30 girls right now that would go to the end of the earth for her.” 

That’s the kind of person Corrick is—team first. As she’s found her identity in the circle, as a teammate, and as a woman, she seems to have struck a balance between being humble and proud– proud of the role model she’s become. 

“We’ll have a lot of young girls that I’ve coached and some that I haven’t coached that just come up and are like, ‘I’m a pitcher. I look up to you. I want to be just like you one day,'” Corrick said. “It makes me really emotional honestly because I remember exactly what I felt like being in their shoes.”

“She’s the pied piper to the little girls that come out to the games,” Eriksen said. “Just like Monica Triner was, just like Sara Nevins was, just like Leigh Ann Ellis was. She understands that. She’s embraced it. She’s got great family that’s kept her grounded and you would never know she’s one of the best pitchers in the world.” 

‘One of the best pitchers in the world.’ The highest of praise from Eriksen, who’s seen the best talent as Team U.S.A’s coach for more than a decade.  

“By herself, she’s different,” Eriksen said. “She can sway a ballgame. She can sway a country’s participation into the Olympics or the World Championships just because of what she does on the mound.”

With that lens, he also knows how to do his part in keeping generational talent grounded. 

“The other night she threw a great game,” Eriksen said. “I was like, ‘George, I’m really, really proud of you getting that sacrifice bunt down.’ So you’ve got to keep things in perspective.”

“Coach, he’s a very humbling guy,” Corrick said. “We’re very big about being very baseline. So he’ll talk about the entire game and he’ll be like, ‘oh yeah, also by the way Corrick, good job.’ That’s kind of his way of acknowledging that I went out there and I did what I’m supposed to do, which is be a good pitcher.”

But behind the stats is the person, which is far more important in the bigger picture. 

“When it’s all said and done,” Eriksen said, “people are going to remember Georgina Corrick, the great person, besides the pitcher that was successful at the University of South Florida.”

Corrick said she wants to be “part of the one percent of the one percent,” that can go on and play softball professionally, but she’s also got her ducks in a row beyond the diamond too. She did her undergrad studies in Marine Biology and picked-up minors in Psychology and Environmental Policy. Now she’s working on her master’s degree in global sustainability with an emphasis on climate change.

While she doesn’t know exactly what career path that will take her down, she said about her future: “I want to make a difference.”