TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce is considered one of the greatest tight ends of all time. The veteran player is an eight-time Pro Bowler, four-time first-team All-Pro selection, and holds several records and two Super Bowl rings.

The 33-year-old continues to get better with each game, but ever since Kelce seemingly began dating global popstar Taylor Swift, his game has significantly improved.

Kelce and Swift have continued to take the world by storm ever since the singer surprised Swifites and football fans alike by showing up at Arrowhead Stadium last month for the Chiefs-Bears game. Her appearance was all anyone could talk about.

Kelce caught seven passes for 69 yards and had a touchdown against Chicago, with Swift cheering him, and ever since Week 3, Kelce has been unstoppable with the pop star in the stands.

So, could it be that Swift makes Kelce play better? After the team’s defeat over the Bears, the singer watched the Chiefs’ 23-20 victory over the New York Jets in New Jersey. The back-to-back wins led Kelce to joke that she’s his “good luck charm.”

But his game stats also back up the theory he plays better when Swift is in the stands.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, in the four games Swift has been in attendance, Kelce is averaging 108 receiving yards per game. The games she wasn’t there? He averaged just 46.5 yards.

“Facts are facts: In the four games Taylor Swift has been in attendance, Travis Kelce is averaging 108 receiving yards per game. In the games she was not, he’s averaging 46.5,” ESPN’s Senior NFL Insider Adam Schefter said in a social media post.

CBS, who aired the game, also ran a “You Belong with TE” graphic that compared Kelce’s stats with and without Swift in attendance, inking one of her song lyrics to show his stats when he’s “left to his own devices.”

During Sunday’s 31-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers, Kelce had 12 catches for 179 yards and one touchdown. According to Schefter, with the Week 7 win, Kelce now has five career games with at least 150 receiving yards, joining Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe as the only tight end’s in NFL history to reach this feat.

Kelce also put up 29.3 fantasy points in point-per-reception leagues (PPR) in the first half. According to ESPN Stats & Info, Sunday’s points were the most in any half of the veteran tight end’s career.

But it hasn’t only been fans who’ve noticed the trend of Kelce playing better when Swift is there; Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid also caught on to the coincidence.

Following Kansas City’s win over the Chargers, the coach jokingly credited the singer for being a positive influence.

“Kelce is getting better with time,” Reid said during a press conference. “Taylor can stay around all she wants.” His comments marked the second time he mentioned the budding romance between Kelce and Swift.

Just a week before, the former Philadelphia Eagles coach talked about knowing the 12-time Grammy-award-winning artist’s dad, as the Eagles are her hometown team. Reid joked that he set the two up.

“I knew her from Philadelphia; her dad was a big NFL fan, so I had met her when she was real young, and her dad,” Reid explained. “I joked about setting Kelce up, and, you know, I’m just saying!” Reid said through a laugh.

Aside from Swift boosting Kelce’s performance on the field, she’s boosted his social status as well. Within 24 hours after Swift was seen at the Chiefs-Bears game, Kelce amassed roughly 300,000 new Instagram followers, a 400 percent increase in merchandise sales, and one of the NFL’s top-five selling jerseys, according to Joe Pompliano.