TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – After spending his last season in Tampa Bay with his best friend and the Buccaneers, will former tight end Rob Gronkowski make a return to football?

After spending 11 seasons in the NFL, Gronk announced his retirement from the game back in June after finishing a two-year stint in Tampa, but not everyone was convinced he would really step away from the game as he had already retired once before.

In 2019, Gronk announced that he was retiring after spending nine years with the New England Patriots but returned to join his best friend and former teammate Tom Brady with the Buccaneers.

When he returned to football in 2020, he helped the Bucs reach the Super Bowl LV and bring home the Lombardi Trophy – even if he dented it.

Despite Gronk retiring before Brady announced his retirement (and un-retirement), fans and analysts said they wouldn’t be surprised if Gronk returned if Brady called him up, but Gronk denied those claims and said he’d stay put, even if Brady asked.

But that all changed on Wednesday when Gronk tweeted a cryptic message.

“I’m kinda bored 😐…,” the Super Bowl Champion tweeted.

The tweet sparked NFL fans’ interests and left many wondering if he would end his retirement again. Although it’s unknown whether or not the tight end will return, I’m sure fans would enjoy seeing a Brady and Gronk come back once again.

According to the NFL, Gronk left the game after 11 seasons with 621 catches, 9,286 yards, and 92 touchdowns. He won four Super Bowls, was named to the All-Pro team four times and was selected to the NFL’s 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.