TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went into Sundays game against the Carolina Panthers hoping that all that the errors they saw against the Steelers would be fixed when they met their divisional rival.

With the Panthers (2-5) trading away their star running back Christian McCaffrey just days before Sundays matchup, it felt like this would be a definite win for Tampa Bay.

As soon as the ball touched Brady’s hands, he launched it 60-yards downfield to Mike Evans in what for sure seemed like would be a touchdown score on the first drive, but we would be too lucky for that. The pass was incomplete and the drive was busted. The rest of the game seemed to follow suit.

“We had two busts. We had a bust on that 60-yard run, we had a bust on another run,” said Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles. “Defense cannot play well and then have two busted coverages that you put in from day one and two busted running plays and then expect to win the ball game.”

Returning to the field after last week’s loss against the Steelers, the Buccaneers made it clear that miscommunication was the issue and it would be addressed during practice the following week.

Bowles said that the practice was great, but great practice doesn’t amount to anything when you don’t play well on come gameday.

“We’re not playing well. We’re not playing well as individuals, we’re not playing well as a team. We’re not coaching it well. All the way around, not scoring enough on offense, not stopping them enough on defense and this is as a result. We have to wear this on our sleeves,” said Bowles

Bowles and Bucs’ quarterback Tom Brady both agreed that accountability needed to be held and work needs to be done before they return to the field against the Baltimore Ravens for Thursday Night Football.

“We as a team, starting with me and the coaches and the players have to be accountable. It’s a dark day for us losing the way we did and the mistakes that we had that we shouldn’t have had,” said Bowles.

Brady agreed by saying they had to be accountable and start playing as a team.

“You have to play as a team. You have to take accountability. You have to work hard. You have to have discipline, commitment, mental and physical toughness,” said Brady. “These are all character traits and we have a lot of great guys in the locker room. We have a short week and we have to work hard to try to fix it,” he added.

Brady was unable to complete a single touchdown pass in the game, but came close on multiple attempts. It looked as though the offense was lost on plays and made it seem like Brady was overthrowing the ball, but the routes just weren’t being completed on time.

Brady also said that they team is capable of making plays, they’re just “not doing it consistently enough to score points.”

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4) will return to Raymond James Stadium to face the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football.