TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The spotlight is on the Bucs. On Monday night, Tampa Bay will go head-to-head against the former Super Bowl runner-ups, the Philadelphia Eagles, in a battle of the undefeated teams.

At 7:15 p.m., the NFC rivals, who both happen to be 2-0, will captivate a national audience, waiting to see if the Bucs will continue to defy the odds. Will the Bucs offense keep a clean slate with no turnovers? Or will the Eagles’ defense be able to add more pressure to Mayfield’s game?

Tampa Bay leads the all-time series 11-10, including a 3-2 edge in the postseason. In the most recent matchup, then-quarterback Tom Brady led the Bucs to a 31-15 win in an NFC wild-card game at home in January 2022. Three months earlier, Tampa Bay won a prime-time, regular-season matchup 28-22 in Philadelphia.

The Gold Standard

Former Buccaneers running back Rondé Barber will be honored during the Bucs Monday Night Football game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The ceremony comes just after Barber was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame earlier this year.

“I appreciate all these Philly fans who came down to celebrate with me,” Barber said during the ceremony.

Eagles fans probably best remember Hall of Famer Ronde Barber for clinching Tampa Bay’s win over Philadelphia in the 2002 NFC championship game with a 92-yard interception return for a touchdown, sending the Bucs to the Super Bowl for the first time.

FINAL SCORE: Eagles 25 – Buccaneers 11

2:38: Hurts on the run and picks up 2 yards.

5:00: Brown connects with Hurts for 25 yards before being pushed out of bounds.

8:41: Hurts passes short middle to Goedert to PHI 37 for 11 yards.

9:22: TWO-POINT CONVERSION ATTEMPT IS GOOD!! Godwin completes the pass from Mayfield. The Bucs trail 25-11.

9:26: BUCS TOUCHDOWN! Mayfield to Evans for a 1-yard touchdown!!

12:14: White up the middle; he picked up 12 yards before going out of bounds.

12:54: Another deep ball to Evans, this time the WR picked up 22 yards.

13:28: Mayfield connects with Mike Evans on a deep ball for 24 yards.

13:31: Eagles’ Elliot nails a 26-yard FG. Philly leads 25-3.

14:16: LAVONTE DAVID!! David sacks Hurts at TB 8 for a 6-yard loss.

15:00: Hurts throws an incomplete pass to Brown for 15 yards.

End of the third quarter: Eagles 22 – Buccaneers 3

0:18: Hurts passes short left to Brown for a gain of 15.

1:40: Hurts to Brown for 26 yards.

3:40: Camarda kicks 77 yards from TB 20 to PHI 3. Covey returns it for 29 yards. Offside on Free Kick called on Tampa Bay’s Pitts.

3:46: While up the middle tackled in End Zone of -1 yards – SAFETY. Eagles lead 22-3.

3:55: DEE DELANEY!!! Hurts pass deep right intended for Smith was INTERCEPTED by Delaney at TB 1.

4:26: Swift right guard to TB 41 for 29 yards.

6:59: Swift goes to the right and gets 8 yards.

7:06: Camarda punts 48 yards to PHI 13. Fair catch by Covey.

8:34: Mayfield to Palmer; he picks up 8 yards.

9:12: White goes up the middle for 3 yards.

9:20: Hurts takes it up the middle himself for a 1-yard TOUCHDOWN. The extra point is good. Philadelphia leads 20-3.

9:59: Hurts incomplete to Brown.

10:29: Swift goes up the middle but is stopped short by Vita Vea and Anthony Nelson.

12:00: Swift goes up middle for 26 yards.

13:09: Hurts to Brown for 11 yards. Bucs’ Dean was injured during the play.

14:20: Hurts scrambles to the right sideline and picks up 4 yards.

15:00: Camarda kicks 65 yards from TB 35 to end zone – touchback.

End of the second quarter: Eagles 13 – Buccaneers 3

0:03: Eagles attempt a 38-yard FG and IT’S GOOD! Eagles lead 13-3 at the half.

0:20: Hurts pass short left to Brown pushed out of bounds at TB 2 yards. The Replay Official reviewed the runner was out of bounds ruling – and the play was REVERSED.

0:32: Mayfield passes short left to R. White for 3 yards. The ball is fumbled and recovered by Eagles’ Bradberry for 1 yard.

0:39: Mayfield sacked TB 32 for -11 yards.

0:48: DEVIN WHITE!!! Hurts pass intended for Swift is INTERCEPTED By White. He ran for 26 yards.

0:53: Hurts pass incomplete deep right to Brown. Illegal Use of Hands called on Bucs’ Jamel Dean.

2:32: Mayfield’s pass intended for Godwin was intercepted by R. Blankenship. This was Baker’s first INT on the season.

2:49: Mayfield to Godwin. He picks up 8 yards before going out of bounds. An Ineligible Downfield Pass was called on Bucs’ Robert Hainsey.

3:32: Elliot kicks 65 yards from PHI 35 to end zone – touchback.

3:41: Hurts goes deep to Zaccheaus for a 34-yard TOUCHDOWN. The extra point is good and the Eagles now lead 10-3.

4:07: False start called on Eagles’ Goedert.

6:14: Hurts avoids a sack and launches the ball downfield to Zaccheaus for 24 yards.

6:55: Gainwell goes up the middle for 8 yards.

7:37: Hurts short middle to Goedert for 13 yards.

8:37: Bucs’ kicker Chase McLaughlin goes for the 33-yard FG AND IT’S GOOD!! Bucs tie it up 3-3.

8:43: Incomplete pass from Mayfield to Evans. It was so close to a touchdown.

9:32: Mayfield goes short left to Otton. Pass Interreference called on Philadelphia.

10:59: CHRIS GODWIN! The WR picks up 18 yards for a Bucs first down.

14:10: Mayfield passes short left to R. White for 16 yards.

14:49: Mann punts 38 yards to T 16 – Fair catch by Thompkins.

14:57: Hurts throws an incomplete pass to short left to avoid a sack.

15:00: Hurts throws an incomplete short middle to Goedert.

End of the first quarter: Eagles 3 – Buccaneers 0

1:05: Hurts to Smith for 15 yards.

1:27: Swift runs for 2 yards. Holding called on Bucs’ Gaines.

1:41: Camarda punts 73 yards to PHI 5 – Covey returns the punt for 14 yards.

3:10: Eagles’ go for a 36-yard FG and IT’S GOOD! Philadelphia leads the Bucs 3-0.

3:48: Hurts passes short to Goedert for 3 yards. Ineligible Downfield Pass called on Eagles’ Dickerson.

6:25: Eagles’ Swift goes up the middle for 14 yards.

6:40: Camarda punts 60 yards to PHI 4 and the ball was returned for 52 yards.

8:03: White gets pushed back 2 yards after a hand-off from Mayfield.

9:09: Cade Otton picks up 16 yards on a deep ball from Mayfield.

9:14: Gainwell goes up the middle and is stopped by the Bucs defense on 4th down.

10:56: Hurts passes deep middle to Brown for 16 yards.

11:32: Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts goes to Brown, who ran for 28 yards.

12:23: Bucs’ punter Jake Camarda punts 48 yards to PHI 11. Eagles’ Covey returned the ball for 14 yards.

12:29: Mayfield throws incomplete to WR Mike Evans.

13:07: Mayfield goes to RB Rachaad White.

13:46: Bucs’ QB Baker Mayfield goes to WR Chris Godwin for 7 yards.

15:00: Eagles punt the ball to start the game – touchback.

The Associated Press contributed to this report