TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers season ended on a sour note with a first-round exit in the playoffs, every NFL fan has had the same question on their mind – what is Tom Brady going to do next?

It’s not a secret that Brady has a massive deal with Fox Sports waiting for him when he decides his time to reach one last Lombardi trophy is up, but when will that time come? The truth is, only Brady knows.

During Monday’s episode of his podcast “Let’s Go!” with co-hosts Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, Brady didn’t hold back when asked about his plans and if he has any idea when he’ll announce if he’s returning or leaving the game he loves.

“If I knew what I was gonna f—ing do, I would’ve f—ing done it,” Brady told Gray. “I’m taking it a day at a time.”

Gray replied, “it’s only the question everybody wants to hear.” Brady ended the matter by thanking Grey for asking him.

Based on last year, we know that Brady isn’t afraid to retire… again, but is that what he really wants to do? Some sports analysts seem to think that if Brady doesn’t retire, he’ll likely join a team that has Super Bowl caliber, whether that’s sticking with the Buccaneers or venturing out between the NFC and AFC.

With teams gunning for Brady, such as the Las Vegas Raiders, New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, and so on, anything is possible for TB12.

In March, the 23-year veteran will become a free agent once again, and after all the franchise tags are handed out, all eyes will be on Brady and what his final decision will be.

Until then, fans everywhere will be patiently waiting and eyeing his every move.