TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – World Wrestling Entertainment Global Ambassador, Tampa resident and philanthropist Titus O’Neil will announce the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ second round draft pick in Las Vegas on Friday.

O’Neil, whose real name is Thaddeus Bullard, will be representing the Bucs on his birthday, announcing the team’s 60th overall pick.

O’Neil said he’s honored for the opportunity.

“As a person who holds a great relationship with many of the players and someone who enjoys an impactful partnership with the Bucs organization serving the Tampa Bay region through my Bullard Family Foundation, this is truly a special moment,” he said. “This opportunity to announce the name of the next great contributor to our community both on and off the field is an honor that I’ll never forget. It’s also the best birthday gift ever as I get to celebrate on my birthday this very special occasion with the NFL, the Bucs, the Tampa Bay community, and the player selected.”

“Titus has been a terrific advocate and ambassador for the entire Tampa Bay region, and we are excited to have him announcing our pick during day two of this year’s NFL Draft,” said Brian Ford, Chief Operating Officer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “He brings an energy and passion that will add to the viewing enjoyment for our fans as we continue building our roster for an exciting season of Buccaneers football this fall.”

The Buccaneers pick 27th in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday. The team will pick 60th overall in the second round. The Bucs also have picks in the third and fourth rounds at 91 and 133. Their next picks come in round seven at 248 and a compensatory pick at 261.