TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Bucs’ quarterback Baker Mayfield and tight end Cade Otton both said this week they think the offense is grasping their new system better each game with more reps, which resulted in their highest points total of the season last week against the Texans. Now, it’s a matter of keeping the progress moving forward into the Titans game and beyond.

“Obviously, we scored a bunch of points,” said Bucs’ head coach Todd Bowles. “There was a little more holes in the run game. We went down the field and completed some things. We’ve just got to keep growing and keep building on that. It’s not going to be perfect every time, but there was some light at the end of the tunnel right there that we can build on, and we’ll try to build on it.”

“I think overall, our execution was just better in the red zone,” said Bucs’ receiver Chris Godwin. “I think we were maybe like four for five with touchdowns, and that’s going to be big for us. Hopefully, we can just like springboard that and build some more confidence off of it and just make that a thing.”

If their red zone scoring and run game production keep trending in the right direction and they can cut down on mental errors, the Bucs believe the wins will come.

“I tell guys all the time,” said Bucs’ offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs. “I tell you guys all the time, there’s two things you can control – your attitude and your effort. If everyone comes out on the practice field (with a) good attitude – it’s never an effort thing for us – so it’s just your attitude. Things are going to get moving. Things are going to get moving in the right direction.”

“I think, in those situations, you have two choices – you either quit and mail it in, or you get back to work,” Otton said. “We have a bunch of pros in this locker room, a bunch of guys with great character, and I know we’re going to stick together, make the choice to go to work, and just have confidence that we have the ability to win games.”

“There’s got to be even more attention to detail,” Mayfield said. “Yeah, we did have an OK day offensively, but we can be better. We should have scored over 40 points. Having that intentionality with it and having a purpose to it and just leading by example when it comes to that. When the win comes, it’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders, but then it’s the same thing – on to the next one. How can we continue to improve and build the momentum that we need?”